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Battery-Electric Bus Service Begins in Spokane

On Monday, October 25, STA launched the region’s first battery-electric buses into service on Route 4 – Monroe Regal.

"Over the past several months, the battery-electric buses have only been used for commissioning and training drivers. It's very exciting to see them officially serving the public," said Brandon Rapez-Betty, STA Director of Communications and Customer Service.

The buses utilize state-of-the-art technology to reduce transportation-related emissions, therefore improving air quality and helping preserve the region's environment. The unique blue wave branding intentionally sets these buses apart as something special.

STA purchased two 40' New Flyer battery-electric buses and two 40' Proterra BEBs and will conduct test and performance validation before purchasing the remaining six battery-electric buses needed to fully serve Route 4. These buses will provide an improved rider experience with less vibration, less noise and zero exhaust. They are also more economical than diesel because they have lower maintenance costs.

"This is only the beginning of battery-electric public transit in our region," Rapez-Betty said. "And, yes, we are very pleased to be bringing all the great environmental benefits of this modern technology to the people of our community."

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