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New Battery-Electric Buses for Route 4

This Earth Day get a first look at STA’s new zero-emission battery-electric buses! The buses are not available to board at this time, but they will be in service later this year after testing.

After testing and driver training, these four vehicles will operate on Route 4 with en-route charging at Moran Station. All ten buses on Route 4 will be in operation in 2022. 

Battery-electric buses, like the ones STA will implement on Route 4 and City Line, are more economical than diesel. Electric power costs about 40% less than diesel and electric motors have lower maintenance costs.

These buses will provide a better rider experience with less vibration, less noise and zero exhaust.

Have a look at the new battery-electric buses on a test run on Route 4 on Earth Day Thursday April 22. See the time points below to view the bus. NOTE: the bus will not be in service or available to board. 

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