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Planning & Development Committee: Members & Responsibilities

Board Governing Committee Operating Guidelines

The Planning & Development Committee is accountable for designing and coordinating the Board's participation in STA strategic and operational planning, including annual budget preparation, in this capacity:

  • Reaching agreement with the Chief Executive Officer on the detailed design of the STA planning and budget development cycle – with special attention to the Board's role in planning - and on the annual planning calendar, and ensuring that the Board participates fully and proactively in the planning process.
  • Overseeing preparation for, and hosting, any Board of Directors-Chief Executive Officer-Executive Team strategic work sessions that are held as part of the annual planning cycle.
  • Recommending to the Board of Directors the strategic issues that STA’s detailed strategic planning should focus on, and reviewing and recommending to the Board such critical planning products as updated values, vision, and mission statements, operational planning priorities, and other strategic and policy-level planning products that merit Board attention.  
  • Ensuring – as part of the annual operational planning/budget preparation process – that all operational plans include both financial and programmatic performance targets that the Performance Monitoring & External Relations Committee can use in monitoring the operational and financial performance of all STA programs and operating units. Note that the Chief Executive Officer also annually reaches agreement with the Board Operations Committee on detailed high-priority Chief Executive Officer-specific performance targets involving the use of her time, within the framework of the overall STA targets established in the planning process.
  • Approving Scopes of Work for Contracts in excess of the Chief Executive Officer’s authority.
  • Recommending to the Board of Directors award of contracts in excess of the Chief Executive Officer’s authority.


Al French, Spokane County, Chair
Candace Mumm, City of Spokane
Karen Stratton, City of Spokane
Tim Hattenburg, City of Spokane Valley
Kevin Freeman, Small Cities (Millwood) (Ex-Officio)
Hugh Severs, Small Cities (Liberty Lake) (Ex-Officio)
E. Susan Meyer, CEO (Ex-Officio)

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