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Vimeo is a video hosting service that allows users to "stream" video for online viewing, much like YouTube. The videos of the STA Board meetings are very lengthy, which can create problems due to variances in viewers’ internet connection speeds and video playing capabilities (determined by individual hardware and software configurations).  The most common problem is with navigating through a video as the connection tries to “buffer” the playback by loading information into temporary memory storage, or cache. This can often cause the video to pause indefinitely.
 If you are having problems and need to be able to view and navigate throughout an STA Board video hosted at Vimeo, try “right-clicking” and choosing the “Save-as” option and then download the entire video to your hard drive before viewing. If you still have problems, you can request a copy of the video on DVD be sent to you by contacting Dana Infalt, Clerk of the Authority at 325-6082.

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