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Connect Fare System Beta Testing

Testing a new fare system

Spokane Transit is launching a fare system in October 2022 and is seeking volunteers to beta test the new Connect fare system and provide feedback in August.

Bet testers for the new Connect fare system will test both the physical Connect card and the virtual eConnect card, stored in the STA Connect App on their phone. 

Receive a free bus pass!

Riders who volunteer their time to beta test the Connect fare system will receive a free 31 Day bus pass! 

Option 1: eConnect Card

Pay with your phone

Animated image showing a mobile phone placed under a validator.

Option 2: Connect Card

Pay with a card

Animated image that shows a card being validated on a validator.

Join the beta testing team

Volunteer beta testers get to be one of the first riders to try the new fare system!

Beta testers must be committed to riding the bus and providing weekly feedback via an online survey for the 6-week test phase beginning August 1st in order to receive a free bus pass.

An STA representative will reach out to applicants prior to the August 1st start date if they are selected to help us test the new system.

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