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Strategic Plan Phase 2 Consulting Services

Spokane Transit is seeking qualified assistance in developing a 10-year strategic plan that advances the Mission, Vision, Goals, and Strategies established in the Connect 2035 Phase 1 Strategic Foundation. The development of the plan comes as STA nears the completion of the most significant investments within its current 10-year plan, STA Moving Forward.  Connect 2035 is a performance-driven plan, guided by our vision to connect everyone to opportunity and will be organized to achieve three goals:

  • Elevate the customer experience.
  • Lead and collaborate with community partners to enhance the quality of life in the region
  • Strengthen our capacity to anticipate and respond to the demands of the region

The timing of this strategic planning effort recognizes current funding resources, constraints, and opportunities.  This includes the 2028 expiration of a voter-approved sales tax of 0.2%, if not reauthorized earlier, that is funding current service, expansion, and delivery approved in STA Moving Forward. This Phase 2 effort is expected to commence July 1, 2023.  The resulting plan is to be prepared for adoption by Spokane Transit’s Board of Directors in November 2024. The scope also includes on-call support as needed for the plan beyond adoption through 2025.

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