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31-Day Rolling Pass Options

STA’s new 31-day passes: How do they work?

Magnetic Stripe or Smart Card

Magnetic Stripe: The Adult, Youth and Reduced Fare passes are now sold in a rolling 31-day format with a validation period that begins with the first use of the pass in the farebox.  The magnetic rolling 31-day passes:

  • activate when “dipped” into the pass dispenser on the STA farebox (this starts the 31-day period)
  • encode at activation with the “end date” printed on the back of the pass
  • can be used after activation by swiping through the farebox during all subsequent rides

Smart Card: The Adult, Youth and Reduced Fare passes can also be loaded on Smart Cards. Newly purchased Smart Cards loaded with a 31-day pass are:

  • valid for 31-days from the date of purchase
  • used by touching it to the farebox “target”
  • read by the driver to determine remaining days
  • able to be loaded with as many consecutive 31-day periods as you’d like to purchase
  • replaceable if lost if you have registered your card at Customer Service and you have the receipts for all transactions for the card
  • loaded at Customer Service or any pass vending machine

There is no set up fee for a Smart Card, you only need to pay for the fare that you add to the card. There is no charge to re-load the card, just a $5 for replacement if you lose it. Click here to read more about Smart Cards.

The Paratransit, City Ticket and Student passes will remain in the current calendar month format.

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