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The Magic MachineFarebox

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  Our new fareboxes are high-tech and allow for a wider range of fare options.  Be sure to always complete your transaction before taking your seat. 

Paying fares with cash or coin

  • Insert coins one at a time into the coin cup. Rejected coins will drop to the Rejected Coin Return Cup below. Pennies and tokens will not be accepted.
  • Feed flat, unfolded bills (in any direction) into the Bill Insertion Slot. 

Two-Hour and Day Passes

If you’d like one of our new passes, request it from the coach or van operator before paying your fare. Two-Hour Passes offer unlimited rides for two hours upon activation at the farebox. Paper transfers are no longer used. Day Passes offer unlimited rides for one service day. 

The passes will print and eject from the top of the farebox. Please note the expiration time on the back. Swipe through the magnetic stripe reader on your next same-day boarding(s).

Pre-purchased Passes: Two-Hour, Day, or Free Ride

If you receive or buy one of these passes it must be time-stamped on first use. Insert it into the Pass Eject/Insertion Slot. Remove the pass after it ejects. Swipe it through the magnetic stripe reader on your next boarding(s).

31-day Passes

Just swipe your card through the magnetic stripe reader in the direction of the arrow with the magnetic stripe facing you. 

Smart Cards

Touch your Smart Card to the target on the top left of the farebox. If your card is a Stored Value Smart Card, your remaining balance will appear on the Passenger Display. Stored Value card users still need to request a Two-Hour Pass if they wish to transfer.

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