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New Fares Went Into Effect July 1, 2018.

The various pass options for multiple rides that are available to STA riders are explained below. Without a pass, riders must pay a single ride fare with each ride. Click the following link to view the current single-ride fare structure: Single Ride Fare

Paratransit is a separate service from fixed route bus service. Follow the link to read about Paratransit fare and passes.

STA offers the Adult, Youth and Reduced Fare passes in a rolling 31-day format with a validation period that begins with the first use of the pass in the farebox. The 31-Day Rolling Passes can be loaded on Smart Cards and these three categories will work the same way, except the 31-day validation period will begin from the day the card is loaded with the pass information. Smart Cards can be loaded at Customer Service on the first floor of The Plaza. Click here to read more about how those passes work.

The Paratransit, City Ticket and Student passes are only offered in the current calendar month format with the Paratransit pass also offered as a Smart Card option.

Passes (follow the links for more information)


Seven-Day Pass $17

Youth Pass, $40 31-Day Rolling Pass (6-18)

Summer Youth Pass $60 June, July, Aug (6-18)

Adult Pass $60 31-Day Rolling Pass (19+)

Reduced Fare Pass, $30 31-Day Rolling Pass (Reduced Fare Photo ID Card or Paratransit Eligibility Card must be shown each time the bus is boarded)

Paratransit Passes

Student Passes, Programs Vary

CityTicket, $40 Monthly (Arena parking, shuttle downtown)

Special Events (Bloomsday, Hoopfest, etc.)


Fare Structure

Two-Hour Pass

Day Pass



Seven-Day Passes | top

  • The rolling Seven (7) day pass is activated at first use in the farebox for a seven day term. Each pass is $17.00 and are available at Customer Service or in the online store.

You can purchase Passes at Customer Service, at The Plaza, 701 W. Riverside.

Youth Pass | top

Spokane Transit’s Youth Pass is for ages 6-18. A 31-Day Rolling Pass is $40 and is good for the entire STA system.

Summer Youth Pass   top

Spokane Transit’s Summer Youth Pass is for ages 6-18. The Pass is $60 and is good for June, July, & August for the entire STA system.

Adult Pass | top

Spokane Transit’s Adult Pass is for ages 19 and up. A 31-Day Rolling Pass is $60 and is good for the entire STA system.

Reduced Fare Pass | top

Spokane Transit’s Reduced Fare Pass is for people who have a Reduced Fare Photo ID Card or a Paratransit Eligibility Card. A 31-Day Rolling Pass is $30 and is good for use on the entire STA fixed route bus system. Reduced Fare passes are not valid as Paratransit fare. The Reduced Fare Photo ID Card is also a Smart Card that can be used as a stored-value card to pay fares on the fixed route bus system, but not on Paratransit.

A Reduced Fare Photo ID Cardholder or a Paratransit Eligibility Cardholder is required to pay a $1.00 fare or use a Reduced Fare pass. There is no charge for the first issued Photo ID card but replacement cards will cost $5.00. Applications for the ID card are accepted at Customer Service at The Plaza. The Reduced Fare Photo ID Card or a Paratransit Eligibility Card must be shown each time you board the bus in order to pay the reduced fare of $1.00 or to use a Reduced Fare bus pass.

Qualifications for a Reduced Fare Photo ID Card:

  • Proof of age 65 years or older must be presented, or
  • Qualifying disability -- application form must be completed by a physician or qualified health care provider, or
  • Valid Social Security Administration Title II (SSI) or Title XVII (Medicare card) documentation must be presented.

Click here to download the Reduced Fare Application Form.

Student Passes | top

Spokane Transit provides student passes to actively enrolled students in the local colleges and universities but the programs vary at each institution. See the descriptions below for more information. Students at local K-12 may qualify for the further discounted Youth Pass if they are ages 6-18. If you are having issues with your pass, please visit

Community Colleges of Spokane: Most currently enrolled SFCC and SCC students can use their student ID card as valid fare on all STA bus routes but some students may be required to purchase a separate student pass based on the agreement with STA. Contact Becky Turner  at for more information.

EWU Eagle Pass: EWU faculty, staff and students ride free by swiping their EagleCard when boarding the bus on any and all Spokane Transit bus routes. Eligible paratransit users also ride free with their EagleCard. The program is paid for by EWU Parking Services, the University, and Associated Students of EWU. The partnership between Spokane Transit and EWU is designed to reduce additional parking lots, lower student living costs, and meet the state-mandated commute trip reduction goals for reducing employee commuter traffic. Click here for more information.

Gonzaga University: Gonzaga and WWAMI students, faculty and staff can use their ZAGCARD as valid fare on all STA bus routes. To use your ZAGCARD as a bus pass, simply swipe it when you get on the bus! Have questions about your pass? Contact Jim Simon

WSU Spokane CougarCard: WSU students, faculty and staff at the WSU Spokane campus can use their CougarCard as valid fare on all STA bus routes. To use your CougarCard as a bus pass, simply swipe it in the farebox when you get on the bus! The cost for the program is paid through WSU-Spokane Parking Services and the Associated Students of WSU Spokane. Click here for more information.

Whitworth University: Whitworth University students, faculty and staff can pick up their Whitworth bus pass for unlimited rides from the HUB.

Carrington College, $52, must be purchased at STA (valid ID required)

Glen Dow Academy, $52, must be purchased at STA (valid ID required)

Northwest HVAC Assoc and Training Center, $52, must be purchased at STA (valid ID required)

Paul Mitchell, $52, must be purchased at STA (valid ID required)


City Ticket | top

If you own a car and work downtown, you know how tough it can be to find affordable parking. STA has a solution. Read more here.

Special Events | top

Spokane Transit is proud of its involvement in community events. Each year STA provides special service for the following events. Fares will vary.

  • Bloomsday
  • Hoopfest
  • Valleyfest
  • FirstNight

For more information any of Spokane Transit’s special services check back a month or so before the event for all the details.

Pass-by-Mail | top

If it isn’t convenient to come to Spokane Transit for your pass, just call our 328-RIDE customer service line and request a pre-addressed envelope, or you can order your pass online through the STA store. Complete the information on the Pass-By-Mail order form, enclose the appropriate amount in a check or money order and you will be mailed your pass. When we receive your request by the 15th of the month you’ll have your pass by the first of the following month. We’ll also enclose a new Pass-By-Mail envelope for your next order.

Fare Structure | top

Coach operators do not carry cash. Fareboxes accept U.S. coins and U.S. dollar bills, passes and free ride coupons (no tokens or pennies). Neither the bus operator nor the farebox can provide change. Fareboxes also read the magnetic stripe cards and Smart Cards. Up to 3 children under age 6 ride free when accompanied by a fare paying passenger.

  • Adult One-Way Fare (ages 19-64) $2.00
  • Youth One-Way Fare (ages 6-18) $2.00 (Up to 3 children under age 6 ride free when accompanied by a fare paying passenger)
  • Reduced Fare One-Way Fare (Reduced Fare Photo ID Card or Paratransit Eligibility Card must be shown each time the bus is boarded. Click to view information about the Reduced Fare Photo ID Card) - $1.00
  • Paratransit One-Way Fare (for qualified, certified individuals) $2.00
  • Downtown Shuttle  $2.00
  • Southside/Medical Shuttle $2.00 
  • Two Hour Pass (free with paid fare) $2.00
  • Day Pass $4 (no Reduced Fare discount)
  • Smart Cards There is a $5 fee to replace a lost Smart Card. Tell Me More.

Two-Hour Passes | top

  • Transfers/Two-Hour Passes are free with a paid fare. Request one from the operator before paying your fare.
  • Two-Hour Passes are valid on any route; you can continue in the same direction on a route and you can make a return trip on the same route.
  • Pre-paid Reduced Fare passes are $1.00, $2.00 for all other.

Day Passes | top

  • Day Passes are valid for unlimited rides for one service day (expires at 11:59 p.m. of the day of purchase/or first use). Purchase at the farebox (be sure to ask the driver before inserting money) or pre-paid at Customer Service. Passes bought at Customer Service are not valid until activated at the farebox (so you can buy a handful and use at any time).
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