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Bus Stop Design Standards

Spokane Transit believes that bus stops should be easily identifiable, accessible and safe. The following design standards have been developed in cooperation with our jurisdictional partners to provide a framework of requirements for the placement and improvement of bus stops and associated amenities.

Spokane Transit encourages local jurisdictions, private land owners and developers to refer to these standards and work cooperatively with Spokane Transit in consideration of the public transportation needs of new and redeveloped sites.  This coordination will help ensure that public transit remains an efficient and attractive choice for the citizens of the Spokane Region. Please note that the design standards do not supersede any existing local, state or Federal code, standard or statute.

Questions, comments or concerns about the design standards should be directed to:

Tara Limon
Associate Transit Planner
(509) 343-1692

Bus Stop Shelter Concrete Foundation Detail
Bus Stop Locations
Bus Stop Locations at Bumpouts
Boarding and Alighting Pad at Adjacent Sidewalk
Boarding and Alighting Pad at Separated Sidewalk
Bus Stop Sign Placement in Sidewalk
Street Tree Location Near Bus Stops

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