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Project Development Update (April 2017)

The project development process is moving forward and is on schedule for submittal of the Small Starts ratings package by the end of the month.  Since receiving FTA approval in June 2015 for entry into Project Development, the Central City Line Steering Committee has held ten (10) meetings, approved the downtown alignment, provided input into preliminary station locations and layout, service plan and operating hours, and general guidance on various aspects of the final ratings package.  In March, the Steering Committee unanimously approved a recommendation to the STA Board of Directors that STA submit the ratings package to FTA. 

On April 20, 2017, the STA Board of Directors unanimously approved Resolution 753-17, authorizing the CEO to submit the ratings package to FTA.  On April 24, the Spokane City Council will be considering a similar resolution supporting the submittal. 

The ratings package includes a significant amount of information required by FTA for consideration of a Small Starts Grant.  This information includes cost estimates for the construction and operating costs for the project, environmental benefits, land use impacts and benefits, financial capacity of STA to support the construction and operations of the CCL, economic development benefits, local financial commitments and a host of other construction and operating factors.  A summary of the process and ratings criteria can be found here.  Based on the FTA ratings criteria, it is anticipated that the project will receive a Medium-High rating, which meets the minimum FTA criteria for funding. 

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