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Central City Line Strategic Overlay Plan

Central City Line Strategic Overlay Background

As part of ongoing planning for the Central City Line (CCL), the City of Spokane and STA developed a Strategic Overlay Plan to identify transit-supported economic development opportunities and land use policy changes. The plan examines a range of potential policy changes aimed at increasing ridership, maximizing economic opportunity, and helping to catalyze transit-supported development around the CCL. The process gave stakeholders and the public an opportunity to share their priorities and weigh in on these options. The plan will include recommendations for STA and City of Spokane actions to support CCL implementation and help increase the project’s competitiveness for federal funding.

Central City Line Workshop Update (March 2016)

The City and STA held a series of 3 public workshops over the past five months, one in each of three opportunity areas to be served by the CCL – Chief Gary Park, University District/Downtown and Browne’s Addition/West Downtown. The aim of these workshops has been to:

  • Understand community concerns and desires
  • Identify transit-supported development opportunities
  • Develop recommendations for land use, affordable housing, and economic development to help the CCL meet community needs.

West Downtown & Browne’s Addition Workshop – March 1, 2016

STA staff met with participants to gather input on station design, routing, challenges and assets of the neighborhood, particularly the connection between Browne’s and West Downtown.

Participants expressed a desire to preserve the distinctive character of Browne’s Addition, foster small business development between the two neighborhoods while preserving affordable housing, and to leverage the major art and music festivals held in the neighborhood during the year.

University District & East Downtown Workshop – February 2, 2016

Participants contributed input on desired land uses and development opportunities created by the Central City Line in the Downtown and University District.

The feedback gathered focused on enhanced pedestrian and bicycle connectivity, bike amenities, and human-scale building development alongside transit lines.

Chief Garry Park Neighborhood Workshop – November 12, 2015

Participants identified development opportunities, transportation issues, and neighborhood desires and concerns. They gave feedback on the types of development they would like to see, including storefronts, housing, bicycle paths and curbside parking.


Existing strengths of the neighborhood identified: Parks, trails, proximity to schools and downtown

Desired outcomes: Enhanced pedestrian safety and neighborhood character

For More Information:

Strategic Overlay Presentation

Opportunity Analysis


Kathleen Weinand, Spokane Transit 509 325-6055

Andrew Worlock, City of Spokane 509 625-6991

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