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Spokane Transit currently has four major construction projects in the works and many more in the planning stages. If you want to see details about all the projects in the STA Moving Forward plan, visit

Route 4

STA is implementing Route 4, a new high performance route that will provide frequent, reliable, all-day service along this major regional travel corridor. Visit the Monroe-Regal project page at for details.



Moran Station

A park and ride is under construction near the intersection of 57th Avenue and the Palouse Highway. The facility is expected to draw commuters from southeast Spokane traveling to employment centers within Spokane.

As winter is wrapping up, so is construction at Moran Station. Contractors are putting the final touches on lighting, drive lanes and landscaping, getting the facility ready to open late March.

Visit the Moran Station Park & Ride project page at for details.


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