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September 2019 Service Revisions

Approved by voters in the fall of 2016, STA has begun implementing the region’s 10-year plan, STA Moving Forward.

Based on years of input from citizens and technical preparation, the Spokane Transit Board of Directors approved a plan that aims to maintain the existing transit system while adding more resources where needed to improve service levels throughout the region. The STA Moving Forward plan includes more than 25 projects to provide more and better transit service throughout the region.

According to the STA Moving Forward plan, the following changes are programmed to go into effect in September 2019 at the regular service change:

See the Preliminary Proposal Report for more detailed information.

This proposal also contains other individual route improvements not listed in STA Moving Forward in conjunction with ongoing network adjustments as provided for in the 2018 Transit Development Plan.

  • Modifying Route 20 SFCC to use the Riverside Ave pattern for all trips and replace the Clark Ave pattern with a new shuttle.
  • Modifying the Route 33 Wellesley Routing to operate on N Alberta St instead of N Driscoll Blvd between W Glass Ave and Wellesley Ave to reduce out-of-direction travel, providing faster trips to popular destinations.
  • Moving up the start of new service between the West Plains Transit Center and the Airport programmed for 2020 in STA Moving Forward to 2019 in order to serve a proposed distribution center expected to have over 2,200 employees that is scheduled to be opened on Geiger Blvd in 2019.

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