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The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has announced a grant to Spokane Transit Authority (STA) of $2.95 million for the purchase of up to seven double decker buses to operate on the Cheney Line, a high-performance transit corridor set to go into service in 2023.

The Cheney Line is an important element of the STA Moving Forward plan, the funding for which voters approved in 2016. In addition to providing a high performance transit route to and from Cheney, the project will also benefit downtown Spokane and the University District by improving connectivity through increased capacity and reliability. 

The total cost of the specialized buses for the Cheney Line is $8.24 million. The FTA grant follows funding committed by the Washington State Department of Transportation of $3.89 million, with the remaining $1.4 million from STA.

Based on projected ridership, the Cheney Line will require larger seating capacity vehicles which the double decker buses purchase will fulfill. The double decker buses are roughly the same length as a 40’ bus, but allow for about 30% more seating.

“Spokane Transit is taking an innovative approach to meeting the region’s long-term transportation needs,” said E. Susan Meyer, STA’s Chief Executive Officer. “This service will be the first to utilize double decker buses in the Spokane region. The consistent and strong support of our congressional delegation was instrumental in securing this grant.”

More details about the Cheney Line are available at

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