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Service Changes: January 15, 2017

On January 15, 2017, changes occured to several bus schedules in the system. All schdeules have been updated.

25 Division – New weekday inbound trip at 6:53pm from Hastings Park & Ride.

45 Regal – Add timepoint location at Regal/Palouse Hwy; schedule adjustments.

60 Airport via Browne’s Addition – New arrival zone for 9:25pm Saturday trip that leaves the Airport.

66 Cheney EWU
68 Cheney Local
165 Cheney Express
– Boarding & alighting location changes at EWU due to long term PUB construction.

124 North Express – A planned change to the 124 has been canceled. The 124 schedule will not change at this time.

174 Liberty Lake Express – Two new evening inbound trips from Liberty Lake Park & Ride.

Look for printed schedules to be available in early January.

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