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Service Changes: May 19, 2019

On May 19, 2019, changes occurred to several schedules in the system. All routes have been updated.

Spokane Transit schedules service changes three times a year in order to keep the region’s transit system as convenient, accessible and efficient as possible.

The new green schedules include changes that will improve customer information, connections, and travel options. A summary of the changes and link to the revised schedules are provided below.

Service changes effective May 19, 2019:  

23 Maple/Ash - Schedule adjustments to Downtown weekdays

62 Medical Lake - Schedule adjustments

64 Cheney/West Plains - Route change during peak times to service Presley & Salnave; Schedule adjustments to improve connections

66 EWU - Schedule adjustments

67 Swoop Loop - NEW route operating when EWU is in session serving the PUB, lower campus and Eagle Point

68 Cheney Loop - Modified to serve the PUB, and Eagle Point.

90 Sprague - Minor schedule adjustments

95 Mid-Valley - Last trip of the day from VTC now continues on to Mirabeau P&R

96 Pines/Sullivan - End of line relocated to Progress & Trent

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