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Service Changes: September 16, 2018

On September 16, 2018, changes occurred to most schedules in the system. New orange schedules are now available.

West Plains Transit Center (WPTC)

We are excited to announce the grand opening of the West Plains Transit Center. Featuring a full service park and ride lot, this state-of-the-art transit center is all about creating better connectivity for West Plains transit customers. The new transit center, located at I-90 Exit 272, will reduce travel times between communities on the West Plains.

62 Medical Lake – This route will see improved frequency, seven days a week including night service and connect Medical Lake riders with route 64 at the WPTC headed to Cheney and downtown Spokane.

64 Cheney/West Plains – This new route will operate between Cheney and downtown Spokane seven days a week including night service and connect with route 62 Medical Lake at the WPTC.

Whether you are transferring buses or parking your car, reduced travel times and better connections make riding transit on the West Plains easier than ever!

Valley Express

NEW 190 Valley Express – This route travels directly between the Valley Transit Center and The Plaza via I-90 Sprague and Appleway. Route 173 VTC Express continues to serve its existing route.

Plaza Zone Changes

Zones 4 and 5 – Zones 4 and 5 have been consolidated into one large Zone 4 to accommodate 60-foot articulated buses serving Route 25 Division.

Drop-Off Zone Changes – Check the new schedules for updated route drop-off locations.

Plaza Zone Assignments
Zone 1 – 45, 94*, 173, 190
Zone 2 – 27, 44, 94*
Zone 3 – 26, 28, 29, 39
Zone 4 – 25, 90

*The 94 boards in Zone 1 during weekends.

Renumbered Routes

1 Plaza/Arena is now: 11 Plaza/Arena Shuttle
2 Southside Medical shuttle is now: 12 Southside Medical Shuttle

Spokane Transit schedules service changes three times a year in order to keep the region’s transit system as convenient, accessible and efficient as possible. Some changes are projects funded as a part of the STA Moving Forward plan to maintain, improve and expand public transit. Other improvements are implemented based on customer and driver input and are designed to improve your transit experience.

Service changes effective September 16, 2018:  

1 Plaza/Arena Shuttle - Renumbered as the 11 Plaza/Arena Shuttle

2 South Side Medical Shuttle - Renumbered as the 12 Southside Medical Shuttle and service has been extended to serve the new University District bike and pedestrian bridge.

20 SFCC - Minor interline changes.

21 West Broadway - Improved frequency to 15-minute service every weekday.

22 Northwest Blvd - Evening and weekend timepoint and interline changes.

23 Maple/Ash - Service extended in Indian Trail for all trips and routing has been moved from Broadway to Boone between Monroe and Maple.

24 Monroe - Minor timepoint adjustments; interline changes.

25 Division - Larger buses and improved reliability.

26 Lidgerwood - Weekday timepoint changes; minor weekday interline changes; loading zone change to Zone 3.

27 Hillyard - Schedule changes to improve reliability; loading zone change to Zone 2.

28 Nevada - Weekday timepoint changes; minor weekday interline changes; loading zone change to Zone 3.

29 SCC - Minor weekday interline changes; loading zone change to Zone 3.

32 Trent/Montgomery - No changes.

33 Wellesley - No Changes.

34 Freya - Evening and weekend timepoint changes.

39 Mission - Loading zone change to Zone 3.

42 South Adams - Minor weekday evening timepoint changes; evening and weekend interline changes.

43 Lincoln/37th Ave - Evening and weekend timepoint changes; interline changes.

44 29th Ave - Loading zone change to Zone 2; interline changes.

45 Regal - Evening and weekend interline changes, loading zone change to Zone 1.

60 Airport via Browne's Addition - Service extended to Airway Heights on weeknights.

61 Hwy 2 via Browne's Addition - Discontinued service to Medical Lake weeknights and weekends (replaced by improved route 62) with some extended trips within Fairchild Air Force Base.

62 Medical Lake - Increased frequency and modified route between the West Plains Transit Center (WPTC) and Medical Lake seven days a week including nights.

64 Cheney/West Plains - New route to serve Cheney and downtown Spokane via the new WPTC seven days a week including night service.

66 EWU - All weekend and night service, plus some weekday trips, now served by the new route 64.

68 Cheney Local - Simplified and extended routing with fewer twists and turns making it more reliable and less confusing while serving more locations, includig a new loop to Salnave, Presley and 1st St in southwest Cheney.

74 Mirabeau/Liberty Lake - Minor timepoint changes.

90 Sprague - Schedule changes to improve reliability; weekday interline changes; loading zone change to Zone 4.

94 East Central/Millwood - Streamlined westbound routing through Liberty Park.

95 Mid-Valley - Evening and weekend timepoint changes.

96 Pines/Sullivan - Morning timepoint changes.

97 South Valley - No changes.

98 Liberty Lake Via Sprague - Morning, evening and weekend timepoint changes.

124 North Express - Modified routing of two inbound morning peak trips to originate at Fairwood Park and Ride

165 Cheney Express - Discontinued route. See routes 64 Cheney/West Plains and 66 EWU for new Cheney service options.

172 Liberty Lake Express - Minor morning timepoint changes.

173 VTC Express - Minor interline changes.

190 Valley Express - New route will travel directly between the Valley Transit Center and The Plaza via I-90, Sprague and Appleway.

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