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Service Changes: September 19, 2021

On September 19, 2021, changes occured to many schedules in the system. All schedules have been updated.

Spokane Transit schedules service changes three times a year in order to keep the region’s transit system as convenient, accessible and efficient as possible.

A summary of the changes and links to the revised schedules are provided below.

Service changes effective September 19, 2021:

4 Monroe-Regal - Schedule adjustments to accommodate battery-electric buses

6 Cheney - NEW Route 6 providing 30 min service from the University District to K Street Station via West Plains Transit Center and EWU

21 West Broadway - Minor weekday morning inbound schedule adjustment

25 Division -  One new weekday inbound trip from Division/Price arriving at the Plaza at 5:45am; First three weekday inbound trips interlined with Cheney outbound service for better access to the West Plains

27 Hillyard - Re-route to travel on Regal & Haven near Northeast Community Center; Inbound schedule adjustments

29 SCC - No longer interlined with Cheney service weeknights (Route 6 now providing service between U District and EWU)

32 Trent/Montgomery - New morning eastbound trip continuing from Route 33 at SCC to increase mobility to Spokane Valley

33 Wellesley - 30 min frequency beginning earlier and extending later on weekdays

62 Medical Lake - Schedule adjustments; Weekday PM Spokane to Medical Lake trips discontinued (Service provided by Route 6)

63 Airway Heights/West Plains - Re-route to serve Geiger Blvd adjacent to I-90 providing more service to Amazon Fulfillment Center; Schedule adjustments

64 Cheney/West Plains - Discontinued; New Route 6 providing service between Spokane and Cheney with 30 min frequency

66 EWU - Schedule adjustments; Route does not operate midday when EWU is not in session

67 Swoop Loop - Schedule adjustments

68 Cheney Loop - Schedule adjustments

74 Mirabeau/Liberty Lake - 7:09am inbound trip exits I-90 at Lincoln; Schedule adjustments

94 East Central/Millwood - Inbound weekday schedule adjustments

633 Geiger Shuttle - Re-route to reduce schedule confusion (eliminate loop routing); Select trips now serve downtown Spokane; Schedule adjustments

661 EWU Express - NEW express route; Outbound trips serve Jefferson Lot to EWU; Inbound trips serve Jefferson Lot and the Plaza

662 EWU North Express - Schedule adjustments

663 EWU VTC Express - Schedule adjustments

664 EWU South Hill Express - Schedule adjustments

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