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Surplus Van Grant Program

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  Friday, February 20, 2015

If your agency could benefit from a van (some are 15-passenger and lift-equipped), to be used for the transportation of your clients with disabilities, advanced age, and/or low income, please:

Surplus vans are awarded to qualified human service organizations (HSO) that serve Spokane County residents who have disabilities, advanced age, and/or low income.

The HSO assumes ownership of the vehicle and is responsible for providing:

Vehicles must be used for a transportation-related purpose for residents who live within the PTBA. Vans are awarded to select service providers to be used for transporting people with special needs. Organizations and agencies that serve individuals of the Spokane Transit’s Public Transportation Benefit Area (PTBA) are eligible. The origin OR desination of the trips provided must be within the PTBA.

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