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Bikes On Buses

To view STA's Bikes on Buses video, click here.

Bikes on BusesBikes in a bus rack.

STA provides bike racks on all their buses. The racks hold two single seat, two-wheeled, non-motorized bicycles. Each bicycle can be secured independently of one another. Whether you are going to work, school or play, you and your bike can ride the bus.

How to Load Your Bike on the Bus

Every Spokane Transit bus is equipped with a bike rack on the front bumper that can hold two bikes. You are responsible for loading, securing and removing your bicycle from the bike rack. To view and print a copy of the following instructions click here.


Here's how it works:

1. As the bus pulls up, raise your hand to attract the attention of the operator. Before you step in front of the bus, make sure it has stopped completely and that the operator sees you. If the bike rack is full, you'll have to wait for the next bus. Step One. Get the operator's attention by waving.
2. Squeeze the handle on the top of the rack to lower it. Step Two. Squeeze the bike rack handle to release the rack for lowering.
3. Lift your bike and place its wheels in one of the troughs, with the front wheel toward the spring-loaded bar. If a bike is already in the rack, load your bike in the other trough, with your handlebars facing the opposite direction. If the rack is empty, use the trough that is furthest away from the bus. Step Three. Lift your bike up and place into the bike rack.
4. Raise the spring-loaded bar up and over the front tire and place it on the top of the tire, close to the bike frame. Step Four. Raise the locking bar up over the front tire to hold your bikd in place.

5. Remove any loose items or valuables from your bike.

6. Board the bus and pay your fare.

7. As you near your stop, remind the operator that you will be removing your bike.
8. Please remember to exit through the front door of the coach when retrieving your bicycle. Get off the bus, then lower the spring-loaded bar from the tire and lift your bike off the rack. Fold up the rack if it is empty. Step Eight. Lower the retaining bar from the front tire and lift your bikd off the rack.
9. Go to the nearest curbside. Wave to let the operator know you and your bike are clear of the bus. Never cross the street in front of the bus: Passing traffic cannot see you coming around the bus. Step Nine: Wave to the Operator to let them know you are clear.


Rules for bringing bikes on buses

Bike lockers are available

Bicycle lockers are available for $5 per month (minimum rental of 3 months with a $25 refundable key deposit. Please call 456-7277 for information on renting a locker. Lockers are available at the following locations.

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