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Detours on bus routes can be caused by either road construction projects or extreme weather conditions. Road construction detours are in place for the duration of the project and STA tries to make the information available long before the detour starts (if the information is available to us). Weather related changes in routing can happen very quickly as the road and traffic conditions often change without notice. Road construction detours are often distributed in buses as printer Rider Alerts but weather related changes are only posted on the STA website and pushed though our STALinked system.

STA will make every attempt to annotate which routes are on detour on the website and those routes that are affected will have the red Alert next to the name of the route on the homepage. Further details about the detour will be displayed on the individual route page. Many routes have pre-determined Snow Detours that are shown on the route map.

You check the What’s New section on the homepage for a summary of the most current weather related information and sign up for one of the STALinked options to get detour information pushed directly to you via social media, e-mail or text messaging.

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