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663 EWU VTC Express

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    Bold times indicate P.M.

    NOTE: For routes 662, 663, & 664, timepoints 4, 5, & 6 are estimated timepoints for public guidance only. Buses will proceed on arrival to the next timepoint. This may be before the time shown on the schedule.

    Holiday Service (same as Sunday) operates the following holidays:
    New Year's Day
    Presidents' Day (service operates two hours earlier)
    Memorial Day
    Independence Day
    Labor Day
    Thanksgiving Day
    Christmas Day

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    Temporary Service Reductions: Express Routes Suspended

    SERVICE SUSPENDED: In response to reduced ridership during the COVID - 19 (coronavirus) public health emergency, Spokane Transit will suspend service on Express routes beginning April 6. For more information go to

    Route 124 suspended  – Alternatives: Routes 4 or 25 

    Route 144 suspended – Alternatives: Routes 4 or 43 

    Route 172 most trips suspended (6:17 and 6:47am trips from Hawkstone to downtown are not suspended - schedule) – Alternatives: Routes 74 or 98 with transfer to Route 90 at VTC 

    Route 173 suspended – Alternatives: Routes 94 or 90 

    Route 190 suspended – Alternatives: Route 90 

    Route 633 is suspended until the Amazon Fulfillment Center is open, TBD

    Routes 662, 663, and 664 suspended

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