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August Service Change

STA is excited to introduce the next service change which is the most extensive package of service enhancements in a decade. 

The changes will provide better service in Northeast Spokane, service on both sides of I-90 between Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake, and expanded service on select routes. These changes deliver on many promises made in STA’s 10 year plan, STA Moving Forward (frequency and routing improvements for HillyardWest Central, and Northeast Spokane), implements additional near-term improvements (service to Amazon Facility off Barker Road), and responds to public requests for transit enhancements throughout the region. 

A full list of the coming changes, including new routes, more service, and better access, can be found here.

Routing Change Highlights

22 – Route is shortened with a new end of line at the VA Hospital.
27 – Streamline routing on Washington, North Foothills, and Crestline. New end of line at Northpoint.
35 – NEW route with continuous routing along Francis between G St and Market.
36 – NEW route with service between Hillyard and SFCC via West Central Neighborhood.
74 – Routing off I-90 between Mirabeau and Liberty Lake and a new end of line at Knox and Madson.
95 – New end of line at Amazon facility off Barker.
96 – Eliminate routing on 16th, S University, and S Pines, and new service on Sprague.
98 – New Service on Appleway and Country Vista Drive East of Barker.
724 – NEW route providing peak service for those traveling from Spokane to Liberty Lake in the morning and Liberty Lake to Spokane in the evening.
771 – NEW route to provide weekday peak service between Spokane and Mirabeau P&R.


New Plaza Bay Numbers

With the upcoming service, the zones at the STA Plaza will be re-named in order to allow for growth of the transit system and standardize stop locations across STA facilities. The map here shows the newly numbered bays, formerly zones, and what routes will be relocating or are newly added to the system. 

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