Service Change July 16, 2023

Significant changes are coming to Spokane Transit with a service change taking place on July 16. In addition to the launch of City Line, there will be two discontinued routes, three new routes, six routing changes, and various schedule adjustments.

The headline of the upcoming service change is the launch of City Line. Spokane Transit’s Bus Rapid Transit service starts rolling July 15 between Browne’s Addition and Spokane Community College. New schedules don’t go into effect until July 16, so keep an eye out for some detours on other routes related to the July 15 City Line Opening Day Celebration Events.

Here’s what to expect with the July Service Change:
With City Line providing frequent service in Browne’s Addition, Routes 60 and 61 are getting re-routed out of the neighborhood. Route 61 is also getting a frequency boost with an increase in service to every 30 minutes on weeknights and weekends. Route 60’s routing is being simplified and discontinuing the night and weekend service extension to Airway Heights.

In the University District, City Line will replace Route 26 and 28 on Spokane Falls Blvd. Routes 26 and 28 will provide service on Mission between Washington and Hamilton to prepare for the truncation of Route 39 into a loop connecting the Minnehaha neighborhood to SCC Transit Center.

The portions of Route 29 that currently serve what will become City Line will be discontinued, while the remaining portions will be combined with Route 42 into a NEW Route 14 to provide service from South Adams to Mission and Napa via STA Plaza.

Route 11 will no longer provide service to STA Plaza with a new downtown terminus at the City Line stop at Main and Howard.

Additionally, Route 27 will now provide 30-minute frequency on Sundays and holidays, and a NEW Route 247 will provide commuter service between STA Plaza and South Hill Park & Ride via the Perry District, 17th Ave. and Ferris High School.

Summary of Changes


1 – City Line
Spokane Transit’s Bus Rapid Transit service starts rolling July 15 between Browne’s Addition and Spokane Community College. 

New Routes

14 – South Adams/Napa
247 – Lincoln Park/Ferris

New Route 14 from South Adams to Mission and Riverside via downtown, and new Route 247 connecting downtown, Perry District, South Hill Park & Ride via 17th. 

More Service

27 – Crestline
61 – Highway 2/Fairchild
Introducing more frequency in northeast Spokane and on the West Plains.

Routing Changes

11 – Arena/Downtown Shuttle
26 – Lidgerwood
28 – Nevada
39 – Minnehaha Loop
60 – Airport
61 – Highway 2/Fairchild
A few routes are being redirected to maintain service, provide better service, and create connections with City Line.

Discontinued Routes

29 – SCC
42 – South Adams
The locations served by these routes will continue to be served by new and reconfigured routes.

A New System Map

STA System map

Changing Routes

1 City LineNEW BRT route launches July 15 providing frequent service between Browne’s Addition and SCC via downtown
6 Cheney – Early morning weekday schedule adjustments
11 Arena/Downtown Shuttle – Revised routing for downtown terminus at Main and Howard
12 Medical Shuttle – Reduced weekday frequency to every 30 minutes with select 15-minute frequency in the afternoon
14 South Adams/NapaNEW route providing service from South Adams to Napa via downtown
20 SFCC – Additional weekday trip to SFCC at 7:52pm
22 Northwest Blvd – New arrival bay at STA Plaza
23 Maple/Ash – Continues as Route 43 on weeknights and Route 27 on weekends
25 Division – Schedule adjustments
26 Lidgerwood – Route to travel on Washington and Mission between downtown and Hamilton
27 Crestline – More service on Sunday/ Holiday
28 Nevada – Route to travel on Washington and Mission between downtown and Hamilton
29 SCC – Discontinued and replaced with City Line and Route 14
32 Trent/Montgomery – Schedule adjustments
34 Freya – Schedule adjustments. Now departs SCC from Bay 3
39 Minnehaha Loop – Route from STA Plaza to SCC is discontinued; SCC to Minnehaha is retained as a loop
42 South Adams – Discontinued and replaced with Route 14
43 Lincoln/37th Ave – Schedule adjustments
45 Perry District – Now departs STA Plaza from Bay 4
60 Airport – Routing in Browne’s Addition and to Airway Heights discontinued
61 Highway 2/ Fairchild – Routing in Browne’s Addition discontinued; more night and weekend service
62 Medical Lake – 5:49am weekday trip now departs STA Plaza from Bay 8
63 Airway Heights/West Plains – Schedule adjustments
67 Swoop Loop – Discontinued afternoon trips beginning at 2:19pm
68 Cheney Loop – Schedule adjustment to early morning weekday trip
94 East Central/Millwood – Schedule adjustments
95 Mid-Valley – Night and weekend schedule adjustments
97 South Valley – Night and weekend schedule adjustments
247 Lincoln Park/FerrisNEW targeted route connecting the Plaza, Perry District, and South Hill Park and Ride via 17th, Lincoln Park, and Ferris High School
661 EWU – Express Discontinued to Spokane trips at 3:24 and 5:47pm
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