Spokane’s first Bus Rapid Transit line

City Line combines frequency and efficiency in a modern streetcar-like experience.

By providing a faster and more convenient transportation option, City Line will improve the downtown Spokane experience without increasing congestion. Our community and local businesses benefit.


Next-Level Service: 7.5-minute frequency during weekday peak hours (7 – 9 am, 3 – 6 pm); 15-minute midday frequency, six days a week except in early morning and late night hours; and 30-minute frequency on Sundays.

Quiet Buses, Clean Air : The City Line fleet will feature all-electric, state-of-the-art zero emission vehicle technology.

Economic Benefits : City Line’s economic impact will bring an estimated $175 million into the Spokane region over twenty years.

Enhanced Amenities: Near-level boarding, off-board ticketing, real-time signage and distinctively-branded buses and boarding stations.

Reduced Congestion: City Line’s 60-foot buses will help mitigate traffic congestion and reduce expensive wear and tear on city streets.

City Line offers 7.5-minute service during weekday peak hours:
7 - 9 am
3 - 6 pm

From Browne's Addition to Spokane Community College

The six-mile route between Spokane’s historic Browne’s Addition and Spokane Community College will connect through downtown and the University District, including Gonzaga University.

City Line intersects with most of Spokane Transit’s routes, increasing connectivity to the downtown core from throughout the service area.

City Line Route Map

City Line Buses

Zero Emission

Exclusive to City Line, the uniquely branded 60-foot articulated buses utilize state-of-the-art battery-electric technology. These zero emission buses are the first five-door buses with left-side boarding and four-wheel drive.

The charging is done by lowering pantograph arms from overhead, connecting to the vehicle’s battery located on the top of the vehicle. This type of overhead charging is three times faster than traditional plug-in charging. STA has installed overhead charging stations on the Spokane Community College campus at the SCC Transit Center, and at STA’s Boone Northwest Garage.

Read more about the vehicle specs and learn about STA’s electrification plans here.

A side view of a long, articulated electric bus from Spokane Transit. The bus has a purple and black design with "CITY LINE" written prominently in white on the central section, and "BATTERY ELECTRIC" displayed on both the front and rear sections.

Riding City Line

An instructional infographic titled "How to Board" for City Line buses. It illustrates steps for boarding with a bicycle, wheelchair, or stroller. Payment options include contactless cards and cash, noting that cash is not accepted.

Boarding From the Right

When boarding a City line bus from the right side, you have the option to board at the front door, middle door or back door.

Front Door Boarding

Middle Door Boarding

Back Door Boarding

*NOTE: Cash fares are only accepted at the front door of the bus. 

Boarding From the Left

When boarding a City line bus from the left side, you have the option to board at the middle door or back door, there is no front door.

Cash payments can be made before the bus arrives at a ticket vending machine. Cash is not accepted on the bus at left-boarding City Line stations.

Middle Door Boarding

Back Door Boarding

A "HOW TO BOARD" infographic for City Line. Icons of a wheelchair and bicycle above an image of a bus. Arrows point from these icons to the bus, then from the bus to a fare machine displaying a transit card, with a red cross over one section. The background is black with purple accents.

Ticket Vending Machines

Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) allow you to pay your fare with cash before the bus arrives at the station. This is a good option for riders who do not yet have a Connect card.

A ticket with a QR code will be printed, which can be scanned on the bus at one of the three fare validators available at each entrance.

At left-boarding stations, TVMs are the only option for cash payment. Cash is not accepted on the bus at left-boarding City Line stations. 

NOTE: The two-hour window for riding with a ticket, begins at the time you purchase the ticket.

Off-board Fare Validation

Fare validators will be available at City Line stations that have the highest number rider boardings. 

Riders can validate their fares before the bus arrives, to make boarding faster and more efficient. 

NOTE: The two-hour window for your first ride of the day, begins at the time you validate your Connect card.

Stations with off-board fare validators include:

  • STA Plaza Bay 9
  • STA Plaza Bay 10
  • Spokane Falls & Sherman
  • SCC Transit Center
A rectangular, dark-colored contactless payment terminal is shown at an angle. The terminal features a screen displaying a blue icon with the text "Tap or scan" and a contactless payment symbol below it. The terminal is set against a transparent background.

Contactless Payments

Fare validators accept contactless payment on the bus and at stations with off-board fare validation. Accepted cards are Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Card.

City Line Station Art

Neighborhood Station Art

In 2019, Spokane Arts gathered input from property and business owners in the communities along the City Line to incorporate into place-based themes for the design of City Line Stations.

Artists applied and were selected to work with Spokane Arts, STA, and neighborhood partners to develop and finalize designs that reflect characteristics of each community. 

Learn more about the artwork at spokanearts.org.

City Line Stations

Right-Boarding Stations

Right-boarding stations board on the right side of the bus, giving riders access to the front door, middle door, and back door. 

Cash is accepted only at the front door of the bus.

Right-boarding stations include:

  • Cannon & Fourth
  • Spruce & Second
  • STA Plaza Bay 10
  • STA Plaza Bay 9
  • Main & Howard
  • Riverside & Stevens
  • Main & Bernard
  • Riverside & Bernard
  • Main & Division
  • Riverside & Division
  • Spokane Falls & Sherman
  • Cincinnati & Desmet
  • Mission & Perry
  • Mission & Napa
  • Mission & Cook
  • Mission & Regal
A grayscale illustration of a modern bus stop with a "City Line" sign prominently displayed and wayfinding signs indicating directions. The shelter features a bench and transparent side panels. A trash bin with "Spokane" written on it adds to the urban setting.

Left-Boarding Stations

Left-boarding stations board on the left side of the bus, giving riders access to the middle door and back door. 

These stations offer a TVM allowing riders to pay for their fare with cash before the bus arrives at the station.

Left-boarding stations include:

  • on the north and south sides of Fox Theater
    • First & Monroe
    • Sprague & Monroe
  • on the north and south sides of West End Plaza
    • First & Adams
    • Sprague & Adams
  • at SCC Transit Center
A detailed architectural rendering of a modern City Line bus or tram stop with a transparent, curved roof canopy. The stop includes seating areas, a digital information board, and a ticket machine. The overall design is sleek and contemporary with ample space for passengers.

Center Stations

Center stations are located on a boarding platform in the center of the street accessible by a crosswalk. 

Before boarding the bus, make sure to check the directional signage at your station. Confirm you are boarding on the side of the center station in the direction of the destination you would like to go towards.

All center stations board from the left side of the bus on both sides of the station. 

Center stations include:

  • Pacific & Hemlock
  • Pacific & Oak
  • Pine & Main
  • Cincinnati & Springfield
  • Mission & Columbus
A conceptual rendering of a modern bus stop features a covered waiting area, bike rack, and trash can. A vertical sign prominently displays the "City Line" schedules. The design includes clean lines, glass panels, and streets in the background.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about City Line, call Customer Service at 509-328-RIDE (7433).

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