Fares Overview

Fare Information

Regular Fare


Reduced Fare


Paratransit Fare


Youth 18 and Under


*Only for those with a Reduced Fare Connect Card

**Free fares with Youth Ride Free.

Short trip out? Ask for a 2-Hour Pass, valid for unlimited rides within a two-hour window.

Fare Capping kicks in at $4.00 daily, $60.00 monthly.

How to Pay

Insert coins or flat, unfolded bills into the farebox; rejected coins drop to the Rejected Coin Return Cup, and pennies and tokens are not accepted.

Your pass will print from the top of the farebox with the expiration time on the back; swipe for subsequent rides.

Tap your contactless Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card (or use Apple Pay or Google Pay) at the fare validator; you’ll be charged $2 for unlimited rides within two hours and $4 for unlimited rides for the day.

Cards with the contactless symbol are required, and you must use the same card or device for each trip to benefit from daily fare capping.

Place your Connect card flat against the contactless logo below the screen on the card reader. It doesn’t matter which side of the card as long as it’s laid flat.

When your card has been validated and fare collected, you’ll hear a beep and see a green check mark.

Read about physical Connect cards vs eConnect cards.

Press the fare payment symbol in the STA Connect App to get a payment QR code. Then place your phone approximately eight inches below the card reader to scan the QR Code.

When your eConnect card has been validated and the fare collected, you’ll hear a beep and see a green check mark.

Illustration of a smartphone displaying the CONNECT by Spokane Transit app and a physical CONNECT transit card. Both show a blue and green design with white curves and feature symbolic images of Spokane landmarks. The card includes a barcode and the Spokane Transit logo.

Looking for a simpler way to ride?

Get a Connect card!

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