Reduced and Zero-Fare

Discounts for STA Riders

Spokane Transit offers discounted fares on our Fixed Route services through a variety of Reduced Fare programs. New and expanded categories have been added as part of the Connect fare system, and age requirements have been adjusted to allow more people to qualify for Reduced Fare.

To enroll in a Reduced Fare program, fill out an application and provide the required documentation.*

Applications can be submitted online here, or printed and returned to Customer Service on the first floor of STA Plaza.

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*If you already have a standard Connect card, and switch to a Reduced Fare card, you will need to restart the fare capping process for the month.

Required Documentation

Reduced Fare applications must be submitted with the following documentation, unless otherwise noted:

  1. A photo ID to verify identity. (Applicants ages 12 and under are not required to submit a photo ID.)
    • Drivers License
    • Passport
    • State-issued ID
    • School ID
    • Military ID
  2. A photo of the applicant for the Reduced Fare ID system. Requirements for the photo can be found here (Rider’s License applicants are not required to submit a photo.)
  3. Any additional documentation required by the Reduced Fare program being applied for. See below for additional documentation requirements for each program.

Reduced and Zero-Fare Categories

Honored Rider Icon


Honored Rider

50% fare discount for people 60 and older and individuals with disabilities.

Required Documentation

In addition to the Required Documentation, one of the following is also required:

  • ID showing you are 60 years of age or older
  • A valid Medicare card
  • Documentation of Social Security Disability Benefits or Supplemental Security Income Benefits due to disability (Most common documentation is an award letter showing Disabled Individual (DI), Disabled Child (DC) or Disabled Spouse (DS) categories)
  • A document showing current participation in a vocational career program through the Washington State Individual Educational Program (IEP)
  • A Washington State Department of Licensing Individual with Disabilities Parking Privilege ID Card
  • An Affidavit of Disability filled out by a Health Care Provider (have the affidavit ready to upload prior to filling out an application)
Stars & Stripes Icon


Stars & Stripes

NEW 50% fare discount for active-duty military personnel and veterans.

Required Documentation

In addition to the Required Documentation, one of the following is also required:

  • Active-Duty Military ID card
  • Veteran’s Affairs (VA) card: Either a Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC) or a Veteran ID (VIC) Card.
  • DD214 (Please ensure Social Security number is not showing)
  • State ID or driver’s license with veteran’s designation
A circular blue logo with white text that reads "STA Reduced Fare Pass." The logo features a stylized "STA" monogram in the center, resembling a transit route or flowing lines, with diamond shapes separating the words. It highlights qualifications for Spokane Transit Authority Student passes.



20% fare discount for those enrolled in educational or training programs, including vocational training, apprenticeships, and any other post-high school or educational courses. 

Required Documentation

In addition to the Required Documentation, the following is also required:

  • A document that verifies enrollment in a post-high school, vocational, apprenticeship, or other training program. Ensure dates of enrollment are visible and on the form. 
A circular blue logo featuring a white stylized road design at its center. The words "Rider's License" encircle it in white, separated by small white diamonds, and the logo has a thin grey outline. This emblem signifies STA Reduced Fare Pass qualifications for eligible riders.


Rider's License

NEW Unlimited free rides for Connect card holders ages 6-18.

Required Documentation

For youth 13 years of age and older, a photo ID is all that is needed to apply for a Rider’s License.

Choosing the right photo for an application

Image showing photo specs for Reduced Fare.

Except for Rider’s License applications, all other Reduced Fare applications completed on the website must include a photo. 

Guidelines for appropriate photos are similar to what you would do for a passport photo.

  • Photo must have been taken within the past 6 months
  • Photo size should be about 2″ x 2″
  • Head must be between 1″ and 1 3/8″ in size, from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head
  • Use a plain white or off-white background
  • Have someone else take the photo (no selfies)
  • No sunglasses, but wear glasses if you normally wear glasses
  • No filters or other digital editing

How to Apply


Use the form below to complete an application for Reduced Fare and upload the required documentation to prove eligibility. 

Once approved, your Reduced Fare Connect card will be mailed to you, or you can choose to pick it up at the Customer Service counter at STA Plaza. 

PDF Application

Download a PDF version of the application, print, and submit in person at the Customer Service counter at STA Plaza.

Be sure to bring all supporting documentation. Approved applicants will have a photo taken at the Plaza and are issued a Reduced Fare Connect card at that time.

In Person

A paper version of the form is available at the Customer Service counter at STA Plaza. Complete the application there, or take it with you to be submitted in person. 

When submitting, be sure to bring all supporting documentation. Approved applicants will have a photo taken at the Plaza and are issued a Reduced Fare Connect card at that time. 

If you encounter issues using the embedded form above, a stand-alone version of the form can be found here

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