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Connect Spokane: A Comprehensive Plan

Connect Spokane is STA’s comprehensive plan, spanning 30 years in scope.

As a guiding policy document for the future of public transit in Spokane, this long-term plan has formed the basis for our medium and short-term plans, including:

Originally adopted in 2010, Connect Spokane has been revised multiple times since. 

Three overlapping maps display heatmap data. The top map shows a city layout with various color intensities indicating data concentrations, mainly in the central area. These visualizations are part of Connect Spokane: A Comprehensive Plan for Public Transportation, showing different scales of intensity below.

2024 Changes to the Connect Spokane Comprehensive Plan:

We regularly use public feedback help align the plan to better serve the needs of today’s transit riders in Spokane. Based on the most recent round of feedback, here are the changes that we are proposing for 2024:
  • HPT (High Performance Transit): Adding new tables and maps for current and proposed routes.

  • Paratransit: Clarifying specific definitions.

  • Flexible Services: Introducing shared mobility language and clarifying the differences between our range of mobility services. Including criteria for mobility-on-demand projects.

  • Communications and Public Input: Updating outreach tools to reflect best practices and recognizing the public participation spectrum.

  • Revenues and Fares: Aligning new policies with proposed Connect 2035 initiatives and how we currently manage fares. 

  • Regional Transportation and Land Use: Updating TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) and land acquisition policies to address economic development.

  • Sustainability: Making minor updates and reorganizing chapter content.

  • Equity and Inclusion: Integrating the existing Title VI annex and other related policies into a new section called ‘Equity and Inclusion’.

You can read in detail about our proposed changes in the Draft Spokane Selected Elements Update July 2024 (PDF).

Also, check out our Update Adoption Timeline to learn about what we’re up to in the coming months.

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2024 Update Adoption Timeline

Community Partner Outreach begins. The Planning & Development Committee to present a Public Draft of the 2024 updates for review.
STA to hold an online open house and release an online community survey.
The Planning & Development Committee will present a revised draft for review. The STA Board of Directors to hold a public hearing on the 2024 Connect Spokane updates.
The Planning & Development Committee to present a Final Draft of the 2024 updates. The STA Board of Directors will adopt the Final Plan updates.


Questions about Connect Spokane?

Senior Transit Planner: Mike Tresidder
Email: [email protected]

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