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We offer a range of pass programs to meet the diverse transportation needs of local businesses, nonprofits, and the community. 

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    Business Pass Programs

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    Our business pass programs provide significant cost savings for your business, and valuable benefits for your staff. From unlimited monthly passes to flexible pay-as-you-go options, our programs ensure convenient access to public transit for your employees.  

    Employer-Sponsored Bus Pass Program

    This program lets businesses offer affordable 31-day bus passes for its employees, making it an excellent choice if you’re an employer looking to enhance benefits, boost employee satisfaction, and save on commuting costs with available discounts. 


    Cost: Employers can buy passes at full price ($60) or with a discount.  


    • $4 Discount: Employer pays $56 per pass if they cover at least $4, and the employee pays no more than $52. 
    • $15 Discount: If the employer buys 100 or more passes and offers them at no cost to their employees, employers pay only $45 per pass. 

    Reduced Fare: If employees qualify for reduced fare (seniors, individuals with a disability, veterans, etc), employers can buy their passes at that reduced rate.

    Right to Ride

    The Right-To-Ride Program provides flexible, cost-effective transit benefits for employees, ideal for businesses seeking to offer convenient commuting options without upfront costs, while keeping expenses predictable with a monthly cap. 


    Cost: $2 per trip, with a maximum of $60 per employee per month. Employers are invoiced at the end of the month for the rides taken by employees. 


    • Flexibility: Employees can ride as much or as little as needed without upfront costs. 
    • Fare Capping: Ensures that costs do not exceed $60 per month per employee. 
    • Convenience: No need for your employees to manage passes or pay upfront. 

    Which program is right for your business?

    Choose the Employer Sponsored Bus Pass Program if: 

    • You prefer fixed, predictable costs for employee transportation. 
    • Your employees are already regular bus riders who will benefit from unlimited rides for a set monthly fee. 
    • You want a straightforward, easy-to-administer program with simple monthly invoicing. 
    • You’re planning to pass some of the expense onto the employee.

    Choose the Right-To-Ride Program if: 

    • You need a flexible, pay-as-you-go solution with no upfront costs. 
    • Your employees use public transit infrequently or only under certain circumstances. 
    • You want to offer a transit benefit without the risk of unused passes, with costs capped at $60 per month per employee. 
    Illustration of a smartphone displaying the CONNECT by Spokane Transit app and a physical CONNECT transit card. Both show a blue and green design with white curves and feature symbolic images of Spokane landmarks. The card includes a barcode and the Spokane Transit logo.

    Ready to support your employees' commute?

    Community Access Pass Program

    The Community Access Pass (CAP) program allows certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that serve vulnerable populations to purchase select transit passes at a 50% discount.

    Developed with input from local social service organizations, the program enables nonprofits to increase access to transit for those in need, supporting the social fabric and economic infrastructure of Spokane. 


    Eligible Organizations: Nonprofits (501c3) serving vulnerable populations. Examples include:

    • Patients in substance abuse programs
    • Clients of programs providing food and shelter
    • Clients of programs serving refugees

    Discounts: Nonprofits will receive 50% off regular fares for 1-Ride (2-hour) and Day passes.  

    • 1-Ride Pass: $1 (regularly $2). 
    • Day Pass: $2 (regularly $4). 

    Conditions: The passes that nonprofits buy must be given away for free to their served populations. 

    A green Spokane Transit day pass card featuring a bus icon, a series of small arrows, and the Spokane Transit logo in the top right corner is part of the STA Community Access Program. The text "DAY PASS" is prominently displayed, with "" at the bottom.

    Ready to provide affordable transit to those in need?

    Get more details

    If you have any questions about STA pass programs, contact the Business Development team.

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