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Transit Development Plan for 2024

As a public transportation benefit area authority, Spokane Transit Authority develops an annual Transit Development Plan (TDP) for the following six years, detailing how we’re going to improve bus services and infrastructure.

For this year, we’re developing the plan which covers the years 2025-2030

This plan is shared annually with the Washington State Department of Transportation as required by state law, contributing to their reports to our lawmakers.

But it’s not just a requirement; this plan is a key part of STA’s long-term strategy to make public transportation in Spokane better for everyone.

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Outreach Activities

This year STA is expanding its community engagement for the TDP beyond the mandatory June public hearing, by involving key committees and hosting various public meetings. Below is the schedule for these extended outreach efforts. Check back soon for more details on how you can provide your opinion on what goes into this year’s plan.

Outreach Activity
STA Committees / Publications
External Stakeholders / Publications
TDP Overview
Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC)
Late May
TDP Overview, upcoming public open house, Issue draft TDP
STA Moving Forward Newsletter, STA Website
Spokane Regional Transportation Council (SRTC) – Transportation Technical Committee (TTC) and Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), Spokesman Review
Early June
Draft TDP, upcoming public hearing
Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC
Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), virtual public meeting, public open house
Public hearing
Board of Directors
Recommend TDP adoption
Planning and Development Committee
TDP adoption by resolution
Board of Directors

Adoption Process

Over six months, the process for adopting the Transit Development Plan includes setting its structure, engaging with stakeholders, assessing financial projections, examining service and infrastructure proposals, and ultimately, presenting the final plan for board approval in July.

Conduct an overview of the TDP process and requirements
  • Prepare Mid-range Tactical Framework
  • Confirm stakeholder outreach approach
  • Produce a Final Recommendation on the Mid-range Tactical Framework
  • Conduct Revenue/Expenditure Forecast Assumptions
  • Review the Proposed Service Improvement Program and Capital Improvement Program
  • Review the Forecast Scenario
  • Present a draft plan
  • Receive an update on the Revenue/Expenditure Forecast
The Planning and Development Committee makes a recommendation to the board on a final plan


Associate Transit Planner: Madeline Arredondo
Email: [email protected]

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