Youth & Student Passes


Rider's License

The Rider’s License offers unlimited free rides for Connect card holders ages 6-18. Riders can submit an application online or in person at STA Plaza. 

For youth 13 years of age and older, a photo ID is all that is needed to apply for a Rider’s License.

SPS Student IDs

SPS Connect is a Spokane Public Schools (SPS) program supported by Spokane Transit to help give high school students easy access to free public transit. Student ID cards are good for unlimited rides on STA while the student is enrolled in an SPS high school or program.

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University, College and Student Passes

Spokane Transit provides student passes to actively enrolled students in the local colleges and universities but the programs vary at each institution. See the descriptions below for more information. Students at local K-12 may qualify for the further discounted Youth Pass if they are ages 6-18. If you are having issues with your pass, click here.

Community Colleges of Spokane: Most currently enrolled SFCC and SCC students can use their student ID card as valid fare on all STA bus routes but some students may be required to purchase a separate student pass based on the agreement with STA. Faculty and staff are eligible for a quarterly pass from the Cashier’s Office for $30 per quarter. Contact Dale Duncan at [email protected] for more information.

EWU Eagle Pass: EWU faculty, staff and students can use their EagleCard as valid fare on all STA bus routes. To use your EagleCard as a bus pass, simply swipe it in the farebox when boarding the bus. Eligible paratransit users also ride free with their EagleCard. The program is paid for by EWU Parking Services, the University, and Associated Students of EWU. The partnership between Spokane Transit and EWU is designed to reduce additional parking lots, lower student living costs, and meet the state-mandated commute trip reduction goals for reducing employee commuter traffic. Click here for more information.

Gonzaga University: Gonzaga and WWAMI students, faculty and staff can use their ZAGCARD as valid fare on all STA bus routes. To use your ZAGCARD as a bus pass, simply swipe it when you get on the bus! Have questions about your pass? Contact Jim Simon [email protected].

WSU Spokane CougarCard: WSU students, faculty and staff at the WSU Spokane campus can use their CougarCard as valid fare on all STA bus routes. To use your CougarCard as a bus pass, simply swipe it in the farebox when you get on the bus! The cost for the program is paid through WSU-Spokane Parking Services and the Associated Students of WSU Spokane. Click here for more information.

Whitworth University: Whitworth University students can pick up their Whitworth bus pass for unlimited rides from the HUB.

Other: Eligible students enrolled in educational or training programs, including vocational training, apprenticeships, and any other post-high school or educational courses, can receive a 20% discount. Click here for more information.

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