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Spokane Transit develops many projects with a wide variety of planning activity. Much of the information about current projects and the official STA documents that define those projects are located below.

STA’s long term planning initiative, STA Moving Forward, lays out the details of the High Performance Transit network and illustrates a vision to continue building a transit network to support a growing population and economy. Visit for details.

For information on STA’s next 10-year strategic plan, Connect 2035, which builds on the previous strategic plan to address emerging needs and continued investment in equity, sustainability, and community growth, go here.


A group of people wait at a bus stop on the sidewalk next to a road. A blue and white bus with route number 29A and a sign reading "East 17th" approaches the stop. As part of the 2023 LEIA Program, new eco-friendly buses are being introduced. Trees and houses are visible in the background on a cloudy day.

2023 LEIA Program

The LEIA Program aims to enhance Route 94, reconnecting communities along I-90 with significant transportation improvements.
Aerial view of a busy, multi-lane road lined with buildings, vehicles, and trees on both sides. The road stretches into the distance, with residential and commercial areas visible. The landscape features autumn-colored foliage, and the sky is clear.

Division Street BRT

Set to launch in 2030, Division Street BRT will enhance access, reduce congestion, and speed up travel for everyone.
A view of the interior of a bus, part of the Valley High Performance Transit Project, featuring yellow handrails and a few empty grey seats. Passengers are partially visible sitting towards the front. The sunlight is filtering in, creating a bright and warm atmosphere.

I-90/Valley High Performance Transit (HPT) Project

One of six High Performance Transit corridors slated for improvements as part of STA Moving Forward.


Three overlapping maps display heatmap data. The top map shows a city layout with various color intensities indicating data concentrations, mainly in the central area. These visualizations are part of Connect Spokane: A Comprehensive Plan for Public Transportation, showing different scales of intensity below.

Connect Spokane: A Comprehensive Plan

Enacted in 2010, Connect Spokane sets a 30-year vision and policy framework to shape future regional transit.
The image features the logo for "CONNECT 2035." It includes a stylized blue circle with a green pathway cut through it, resembling a road, next to the text "CONNECT" in green and "2035" in blue.

Connect 2035

This 10-year plan will run from 2025 to 2035 to replace STA Moving Forward, our current 10-year plan.
Logo with a circular emblem on the left, featuring a design with the letters "S" and "T" overlapping in blue and green. To the right, the text reads "STA MOVING FORWARD" with "STA" in black, "MOVING" in blue, and "FORWARD" in green.

STA Moving Forward

Funded for 10 years from 2017, STA Moving Forward enhances regional connectivity and economic development with over 25 transit projects.
An electric city bus drives through an urban street with buildings in the background and a skybridge overhead.

Transit Development Plan

STA annually crafts a six-year Transit Development Plan to enhance Spokane’s public transportation, fulfilling state requirements and strategic goals.
A mechanic wearing a mask and high-visibility clothing works on the underside of a vehicle in a garage, amidst various tools and equipment.

Transit Asset Management Plan

Updated yearly, this is STA’s vehicles, facilities, and equipment maintenance plan for the following six years.

Reports & Documents

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