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Issues With Your Pass?

Are you having issues with your bus pass? Take a look at the most frequent issues riders have with passes.

My Stored Value Smart Card is declined at the farebox, even though I know there is money on it.

As a safety measure, Stored Value Smart Cards go dormant after 14 days of none use. Visit Customer Service at The Plaza to reactivate your Smart Card.

My paper bus pass has been “bad listed”.

Please visit Customer Service at The Plaza or call 509-328-RIDE (7433) for assistance. A Customer Service Representative will need to research your card. It can take up to 3 days to verify the card is valid.

My pass or Smart Card has been damaged.

  • Folding a paper bus pass, or damaging the magnetic stripe on the back of the pass, can cause the pass to no longer work. Visit Customer Service for assistance. If the activation date on the card is still legible, the remaining value on the pass may be replaced.
  • Bending a Smart Card can break the technology within the card causing it to no longer work. Visit Customer Service for assistance. If no physical damage is visible, a new Smart Card may be issued free of charge, depending on the damage to the technology of the card. Reissue of a Smart Card with damage is $5.
  • Suggestions to keep your Smart Card damage free: Avoid placing a Smart Card in a wallet that will be sat on, avoid placing magnets near your Smart Card, and don’t attempt to use your Smart Card as a screwdriver or pry tool.

University and School-Issued Passes

I’m a high school student and I’m having problems with a pass that was issued to me by a school and/or program.

Please see your school or program lead for assistance.

My student ID card isn’t working.

Verify that you are using the most recently issued ID card. If this is a brand new ID card, it can take up to 48 hours for the card to be entered into the system, so please wait 48 hours after the card was issued to attempt using it again. If you continue to have issues with you ID, see your school or university’s program administrator. Contact info below.

Other Student ID issues

Please see your school or university’s program administrator for assistance. A list of contacts for many schools is below. Be sure to note the error message displayed by the fairbox, the route and time the issue occurred. This may be needed for trouble shooting the issue.

Eastern Washington University
Parking and Transportation Office
101 Tawanka Hall

Gonzaga University
Campus Card Services
Crosby Center, Lower Level

On Track Academy
Peggy Troutt

Spokane Community College
Becky Turner

Spokane Falls Community College
Becky Turner

Washington State University Spokane
Student Affairs
Academic Center, Room 130

Whitworth University
Info Desk at the HUB

City of Spokane or Spokane County Employee Pass

If you are a City of Spokane employee having issues with your city issued bus pass, please see City of Spokane Human Resources for assistance.

If you are a Spokane County Employee, please visit Customer Service at The Plaza.

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