Contactless Payments

How does it work?

Tap with your contactless Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card at the fare validator. The same card types can also be used through Apple Pay or Google Pay.

You will be charged $2 and can ride as many times as you want within a two-hour window while validating with the same card. (Youth 18 and under ride free.)

Ride all day without overpaying

With daily fare capping, ride as many times as you like using the same contactless card or device. After spending $4 in a day, you’ll get unlimited rides for the remainder of the day.

You must use the same card or device for each trip, or daily fare capping won’t apply.

Trip and payment history

If you want to view your previous trips and payments made during the previous four months, click here.

You can check exactly what we charged you for each trip, and then compare this to what appears on your bank statement. Please be aware that the date your payment appears on your bank statement will not be the same as the date you traveled, and it will usually be a few days later.

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