Community Access Pass Program

Increasing Access to Transportation

As a vital component in the Spokane community’s social fabric, economic infrastructure, and quality of life, Spokane Transit Authority (STA) is proud to partner with nonprofit human services agencies (HSAs) to increase access to transit for vulnerable populations.

Approved nonprofit HSAs can purchase 1-Ride (2-hour) passes and Day passes at 50% off the regular fare price.



Please note bus drivers do not carry cash. Fareboxes accept U.S. coins and U.S. dollar bills, passes and free ride coupons (no tokens or pennies). Neither the bus operator nor the farebox can provide change.

Note that folding a paper bus pass, or damaging the magnetic stripe on the back of the pass, can cause the pass to no longer work.

Categories of intended customers:


To qualify as a Certified HSA for this Program, an agency must be a 501(c)(3) entity and must complete and submit an application. Upon approval by STA, the Certified HSA may begin submitting Pass Purchase Requests through the Program. The online application can be found and completed here.

For questions, please contact STA Business Development Manager Dainon Setzer at (509) 343-1674 or [email protected].

Passes purchased through this Program may not be re-sold. They must be distributed to clients, patients, or customers of the Certified HSA free of charge. Further, Certified HSAs may not give or sell passes from this Program to their employees.

Read the full press release here.

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