Businesses & Organizations

If you are a business or organization interested in purchasing passes or managing Connect cards for your customers, patients, or employees, you have the option to use an Institution Account. 

With our new Institution Account website, you can manage transit passes and fare on your own. 

Due to STA’s new fare system, businesses and organizations must purchase passes through an Institution Account.


To set up an account for your business or organization, please contact:

Dainon Setzer
Business Development Manager
(509) 343-1674
[email protected]

Connect Passes

31-Day Rolling Passes

The 31-Day Rolling pass exists on a Connect card and is valid for 31 days. These passes are only available to businesses and organizations.

Also available as Honored Rider, Stars and Stripes, and Student reduced fare.

Monthly Paratransit

The Monthly Paratransit pass exists on a Connect card and is valid for the calendar month. 

Shuttle Park

The Shuttle Park is a calendar month pass for unlimited rides on Route 11, 27, and 39 between the Arena and Downtown. Parking is also included at an Arena lot.

Limited Use Passes

Paper passes are available to purchase by institutions in bulk amounts to distribute to customers, patients, or employees. 

1-Ride (valid for 2 hours)

Day Pass

7-Day Pass

Other Options

Add Value

Add as much or as little value to your Connect cards for customers, patients, or employees.


Benefit from fare capping! Participants ride as much as they like; the institution pays on one invoice the following month. Never pay for trips they don’t take, and never pay more than the monthly cap.

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