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Purchase Passes at Local Retail Outlets

The stores listed below sell 31 Day Passes (Adult, Youth and Reduced Fare) as well as 7-Day pass.  This is a terrific way to buy passes without having to go to The Plaza. You will see a sticker like the image below on the front of the stores where the passes are sold.

 These locations sell the passes at their customer service counters (not at each register).





3010 E 57th Ave, (South Hill)
6250 N Nevada, (North Spokane)
9001 N Indian Trail Rd, (Northwest Spokane)
8851 E Trent Ave, (East Spokane)
13606 E 32nd Ave, (Spokane Valley)

nom nom (select locations):

1023 W Wellesley
15504 E 4th Ave 
3030 E Euclid
2005 N Hamilton
1712 N Division
1503 E Illinois
15019 E Trent


1808 W 3rd Avenue
10618 E Sprague Avenue
1724 W Francis Avenue
907 W 14th Avenue
2610 E 29th Ave
9414 N Division Street

Super One Foods:

830 E 29th Ave


926 S Monroe


210 E. North Foothills Drive
12825 W. Sunset Highway (Airway Heights)
3321 W. Indian Trail Road
14202 N Market Street (Mead)
4 Cheney Spokane Rd. (Cheney)
9329 E. Montgomery (Spokane Valley)
13014 E. Sprague Ave. (Spokane Valley)
1233 N Liberty Lake Rd. Liberty Lake


2509 E 29th Ave. Spokane
14020 E Sprague Spokane Valley
3919 N Market St. Spokane
933 E Mission Ave. Spokane
1616 W Northwest Blvd. Spokane
10100 N Newport Highway Spokane
2507 W Wellesley Ave. Spokane
2710 First St. Cheney
902 W Francis Ave. Spokane

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