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Join us for the big race on Sunday, May 1, 2022! Every year, an estimated one-fourth of the runners and spectators coming to Bloomsday use Spokane Transit, either by riding an express Bloomsday shuttle or by regular bus service. Downtown Spokane is a very hectic place during the race and many streets are closed to regular traffic. The STA Plaza is within the area that is closed and an alternate location is used downtown as a temporary transfer point each year during the race. Spokane Transit also provides express shuttle service directly from various locations outside the downtown core.

Backpack Restrictions
The Bloomsday Run forbids backpacks at the starting line, on the course, and at the finish line. For security reasons, only clear plastic bags and clear plastic string bags are acceptable. See Bloomsday’s website for more information.

Visit STA at the Bloomsday Tradeshow at the Convention Center on Friday, April 29 and Saturday, April 30 to purchase your Bloomsday Sticker Pass and get the answers to your race-day questions. 

Get Your STA Bloomsday Pass

The $2.00 STA Bloomsday Pass is good all day on the entire STA bus system.

Purchasing When Registering for Bloomsday: If you purchased an STA Bloomsday Pass when you registered for the race, it will be printed on your race number. (STA passes purchased during online registration will be noted with an “STA” on the name sticker on your Bloomsday race number.)

Purchasing at the Bloomsday Tradeshow or The STA Plaza: Stop by STA’s booth at the Bloomsday Tradeshow located at the Spokane Convention Center to purchase your sticker pass and adhere it to your race number. STA Bloomsday Sticker Passes are also available for purchase at The STA Plaza.  STA Bloomsday Sticker Passes are not sold on race day.

Return Trip Without Your Race Number You can reboard the shuttle for the return trip, even if your race number has been turned in for a T-shirt.

No Pass the Day of the Race: You can still pay as you board the bus. Please have the exact fare ready. Drivers are unable to give change. The fare is $2.00 each way, or use any valid fare.

Bloomsday Paratransit Service

STA Paratransit service is available on Bloomsday for individuals with existing eligibility status. Regular fares apply. Paratransit will drop off and pick up customers at Fire Station #1, located on Browne and Riverside and at the Flour Mill at 621 W. Mallon. For reservations call 328-1552 (TTY 711).

Helpful Tips

  • Children under 6 ride free.
  • Strollers are accepted on buses if they can be folded. Please plan to arrive early if you are boarding with a stroller.
  • Backpacks are allowed on the bus, but Bloomsday’s race rules FORBID backpacks on the racecourse. See Bloomsday’s website for more information.
  • Public restrooms are open at The STA Plaza on race day.

Express Shuttles

Five conveniently located Bloomsday Express Shuttle Lots are available: Northtown Mall, Spokane Valley Mall, Ferris High School, Cheney/EWU and the West Plains Transit Center.

Buses board at the Express Shuttle Lots from 6:20AM to 8:30AM. Please plan to arrive at your bus two hours before your race time. Note the downtown location where you are dropped off. This is the same location where you will board for your return trip up until 2:00PM.

Buses return to the Express Shuttle Lots between 10:30AM and 2:00PM. After 2:00PM, use regular bus service.*

Select your Shuttle Lot

  1. Northtown
    Board/return on Lidgerwood near Wellesley
    Use regular bus #25 to return to Northtown Mall after 2:00PM.* Runs every 30 minutes. Last departure: 7:50PM.

    Northtown location map

  2. Valley Mall
    Line up near Red Robin to board.
    Use regular bus #90 to return to the Valley Mall after 2:00PM.* Transfer to #95 at the VTC. Last #90 departure for #95 transfer is 8:05PM. Transfer to the #96 at the VTC. Last #90 departure for #96 transfer is 6:35PM.
  3. Ferris High School
    Board/return near 37th and Regal on the north side of the school.
    Use regular bus #43 to return to Ferris High School after 2:00PM.* Last departure: 7:35PM. Route 4SB also serves Ferris H.S. Thirty-minute service. Last departure: 7:40PM.

    Ferris High School location map
  4. Cheney/Red Barn
    Board/return at Washington & 7th St. in Cheney
    Use regular bus #6 to return to Cheney after 2:00PM.* Runs hourly. Last departure: 7:35PM.
  5. West Plains Transit Center
    Line up at the WPTC bus stops to board.
    Use regular bus #6 to return to the West Plains Transit Center after 2:00PM. * Board #6 at the Alternate Zones on Howard just south of 2nd Avenue until 4:00PM. After 4:00PM, buses leave Zone 6 at :37 after the hour. Last departure: 7:37PM.
    West Plains Transit Center Express Map

Express Shuttle Downtown Drop-off/Pick-up Zones

Drop Off & Pick Up Locations

Alternate Loading Zones* for Regular Bus Service During Bloomsday

The maps below indicate the temporary loading zones that will be in place on Sunday, May 3rd until 4:00PM.

Please consult the Bloomsday Rider Alert for specific Bloomsday bus route detour information.

West Plains Bus Service on Bloomsday

Along with regularly scheduled service on Rt. #61, STA will run two additional early inbound through Airway Heights and down Sunset Hill.

Early Trip – Rt #61, Later Trip – Rt #60

Fairchild AFB 6:17am
Spokane Tribe Casino6:46am6:20am
Airway Heights Yoke’s6:48am6:23am
Northern Quest6:55am6:30am
Sunset & Rustle7:11am6:40am
2nd Ave. & Spruce7:16am6:46am
Airway Heights Map

Off to the Race!

Extra buses load passengers at the top of Sunset Hill. (Econo Lodge, Motel 6, and Red Lion – wait at the shelter on the south side of Sunset at Rustle. Hampton Inn – wait at the stop on the south side of Sunset at Assembly. Board any inbound bus for service to downtown.)

Heading Back

To catch a return bus before 4PM, board Rt. #61 Highway 2 on Howard between 2nd and 3rd (which is the same location you were dropped off). The last departure from this alternate zone is 3:35PM. After 4PM, go to the STA Plaza and catch the regular #61 Highway 2 in Zone 8. The last trip departs The Plaza at 7:35PM.

Other Commonly Used Routes Offering Earlier Service on Bloomsday

Sunday inbound service will begin ONE HOUR EARLIER on the following routes:

  • #4 Monroe-Regal (northbound)
  • #20 SFCC (inbound)
  • #25 Division
  • #27 Hillyard
  • #45 Perry District
  • #60 Airport
  • #61 Hwy. 2
  • #90 Sprague

* To use the regular bus service before 4:00PM, board the bus at the alternate zones at 3rd Avenue and Howard (eastbound) or 2nd Avenue and Howard (westbound). See the STA Alternate Zones map for details. After 4:00PM, buses will resume boarding at the STA Plaza. Consult your bus schedule for loading zones.

Photo of runners in a race.

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