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Proposed Amendments to STA Moving Forward Plan (2024)

The STA Moving Forward plan, a ten-year public transit project, was first established in December 2014 and has been updated over time, including before votes in November 2016 and November 2020. These updates recognize that adjustments to the plan are necessary as it progresses.

In 2024, we are announcing another proposed modification to the plan.

Text on a semi-transparent map background reads: "STA Moving Forward. Maintain, Improve, & Expand Public Transit." The map outlines a city with rivers and streets.

The Proposed Changes

A consultant review of STA’s regular bus routes has recommended improvements to three projects, including updates to project descriptions and completion timelines.

Previous Project Description Revised Project Description Previous Targeted Year for Project Completion Revised Targeted Year for Project Completion
Direct service between Logan and Lincoln Heights neighborhoods Provide improved evening and/or weekend service on Route 45 Perry District in order to increase mobility and access on the South Hill 2025 2025
Expand commuter parking capacity east of Sullivan Road (Barker to Stateline) (I-90/Valley HPT Infrastructure) Acquire property for Appleway Station Park & Ride for expansion of commuter parking capacity east of Sullivan Road (Barker to Stateline) 2025 2025
Direct, non-stop peak hour service between Liberty Lake and Spokane (I-90/Valley HPT service element) (No changes to project description) 2025 2017


The Spokane Transit Board of Directors held a Public Hearing on Thursday, May 16, 2024 to discuss changes to the STA Moving Forward plan, including updates to the project timelines and adjustments to specific projects.

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