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Safety and Courtesy

Look for your neighborhood bus stop. There are about 2,500 bus stop signs in the STA service area. The information on the sign will tell you which bus routes stop there and which direction they are going from that stop.

Find your route. You can use the Google Trip Planner available on the homepage to create a travel itinerary, or go to Routes and Schedules to view the system map and individual route schedules. The map will indicate where the route travels and possible connections to other routes. The schedules help you estimate when the bus will be at your stop.

Please have exact fare ready. Neither the fare box nor the bus operator can make change. The operator does not carry cash. You can read about the fares and passes available hereNew Fares Go Into Effect July 1, 2018

Get a transfer. If you need to transfer between buses, ask the bus operator as you board the bus for a two-hour pass.

Ask for directions. If you don’t know which stop is the one closest to your destination, ask the bus operator for help. When you are one block away from your stop, either pull the overhead bell cord of push the yellow strip. The operator will let you off at the next bus stop.

Make Sure We Don’t Pass You By

Every now and then a rider gets left behind because the driver doesn’t see them. Here are some tips to make sure you get noticed.

  • Stand visibly at the stop.
  • Face the bus and nod your head "yes" or wave to the driver.
  • Hold up your ticket or pass.
  • Step forward when the bus is 1/2 block away.
  • Wear light colored clothing or use a flashlight or cellphone light at night to signal the driver.
  • If you’re in a shelter, walk to the stop as the bus approaches.

Bikes on Buses

STA provides bike racks on all their buses. The racks hold two, single-seat, two-wheeled, non-motorized bicycles. Each bicycle can be secured independently of one another.

You are responsible for loading, securing and removing your bicycle from the bike rack. Tell Me More.

Have a Safe Trip

For the safety and comfort of all people using public transit, STA established Rules of Conduct. Everyone is encouraged to use the buses, paratransit vans, and other STA facilities, but everyone must respect the rights of other customers. STA has rules that govern behavior while using transit facilities. They’re the law. STA Security and local police enforce these rules. Violators may be subject to arrest, fine, or exclusion from any or all vehicles and facilities.

Rules of Conduct, Prohibited Conduct
The following is an abridged version of the behaviors prohibited by STA while using STA transit vehicles and facilities.

  • Engaging in conduct prohibited by RCW 9.91.025 and/or Spokane Municipal Code 10.10.100
  • Using tobacco products
  • Littering or creating unsanitary conditions
  • Dumping any material on STA property
  • Playing radios, tapes, or CD’s except through earphones
  • Spitting, urinating, defecating except in the proper place in a restroom
  • Carrying gasoline, explosives, or corrosive or flammable liquids
  • Obstructing, impeding the flow, or seriously disrupting public transportation services
  • Disturbing others with loud or harassing behavior
  • Vandalizing or destroying STA property
  • Carrying any alcohol or controlled substances
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages without a state or local liquor license and authorized by STA
  • Carrying firearms or weapons of any type (unless otherwise authorized by law)
  • Throwing an object at an STA vehicle or property
  • Allowing an animal to run at large or sit on a seat
  • Roller-skating, rollerblading, or skateboarding
  • Riding bicycles (or other cycles) except where vehicle travel is permitted
  • Parking on STA property unless authorized by STA
  • Occupying any roadway or location restricted for use by STA vehicles only
  • Eating on STA vehicles or in other prohibited locations
  • Drinking beverages on STA vehicles (except in designated containers)
  • Using a public address system or other sound amplifying device
  • Sitting or lying on floors, or sidewalks on STA property
  • Sleeping or storing personal property on benches and floors in STA facilities
  • Entering nonpublic areas of STA facilities
  • Remaining in an area reserved for senior citizens or people who are disabled
  • Entering STA vehicles or property without wearing a shirt and shoes
  • Engaging in commercial activities
  • Engaging in public communication except as authorized by STA
  • Engaging in a special event on STA property, except as authorized by STA
  • Committing an act that tends to create a breach of the peace
  • Engaging in sexual activity on STA vehicles or property
  • Gambling while on STA vehicles or property
  • Using STA vehicles or properties for nontransit-related activities
  • Entering STA vehicles or facilities when unable to care for oneself
  • Extending an object or body part through an STA vehicle door or window
  • Hanging on a stanchion with feet off the floor
  • Engaging in sports activity
  • Failing to pay the correct fare
  • Lying to be eligible for a pass or program
  • Falsely claiming to be a transit employee
  • Refusing to allow proper securement of a wheelchair
  • Refusing to use proper restraints/seatbelts on paratransit vans
  • Tampering with equipment
  • Violating paratransit’s no-show policy
  • Not complying with the Paratransit Rider Handbook procedures
  • Violating an exclusion order
  • Violating any federal, state, or municipal civil or criminal law 

Points of Courtesy
1. Animals (except service animals) must be in a carrier that fits under the seat or on your lap
2. Non-collapsible strollers, baby buggies and carts block the aisle and therefore must be prohibited. Collapse strollers or carts before boarding the bus
3. The center aisle of the bus must be kept clear at all times
4. Bicycles are allowed only on the racks in front of the bus for transport
5. Please respect your fellow riders

To view the complete text of the Rules of Conduct click here or contact:

Spokane Transit Authority

C/O Clerk of the Authority
1230 W Boone Ave
Spokane, WA 99201

Upon request, alternative formats of the Rules of Conduct will be produced for people with disabilities.

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