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Park & Ride Locations

Spokane Transit has 12 park and ride lots throughout the region, making it handy to leave your car behind and let Spokane Transit do the driving, especially when the roads are icy. Most regular bus riders purchase a monthly bus pass for greater convenience. Or, if you plan to ride occasionally, pre-paid bus passes are available.

Guidelines for use of STA’s Park and Ride Lots

1. Parking is for STA patrons only.
2. Parking is permitted only during STA’s hours of operation.
3. STA does not maintain constant security and is not responsible for theft, damage, or loss to vehicles or articles left in vehicles.
4. No solicitation of STA patrons is permitted.
5. No distribution of literature is permitted.
6. Commercial parking is prohibited without prior permission from STA.
7. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed and trespassers prosecuted.


You can save money on parking downtown, and sometimes your insurance premium goes down if you don't drive your car to work. Check with your insurance carrier.


 Park & Ride Map

Click here to view the STA Park and Ride map.


North Spokane Lots

Country Homes
NEW LOT:  The Country Homes Park & Ride is located just south of Shasta Ave on Wall Street at the Country Homes Christian Church - Served by #124 North Express

Five Mile*
Ash Street and Five Mile Road - Lot served by Routes #22, #24, #27

Hastings Road at Mayfair Road - Lot served by Routes #25, #124

Fairwood Shopping Center on Hastings Road - Lot served by Route #124

Downtown Spokane Lots

The Arena
Boone Avenue and Howard Street (This lot is for CityTicket holders only.)

Jefferson Street/I-90*
Jefferson Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues, underneath the freeway - Lot served by Routes #62, #66, #165

South Spokane Lots

South Hill* 
31st Avenue and Southeast Boulevard - Lot served by Routes #43, #44, #45

Spokane Valley Lots

Pence-Cole Valley Transit Center*
4th Avenue and University Road - Lot served by Routes #90, #96, #97, #98, #173

Mirabeau Point*
13209 East Indiana Avenue, near the Valley YMCA and Spokane Valley Mall - Lot served by Routes #32, #96, #97, #74

Liberty Lake*
Mission Avenue (behind Albertson’s) - Lot served by Routes #74, #98, #172

West Plains Lots

Airway Heights
Highway 2 by Yoke’s Foods - Lot served by Route #61

Cheney Lots

Cheney K Street Station
K Street and 1st Street - Lot served by Route #68, #165

Medical Lake

Medical Lake Transit Center
Broad Street and Lake Street (no on site parking) - Served by Route #62

* bike lockers present

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