More retail locations coming soon!

STA has an ever-expanding retail network that includes grocery stores, convenience stores and more.

Connect cards are available and reloadable at STA Plaza. Adding value is even easier through the Connect account or STA Connect App on iOS or Android.

Connect cards can also be reloaded at select participating retail locations.

Legacy paper 7-Day Passes and 31-Day Passes (Adult, Youth and Reduced Fare) are also still available at select retail locations.

Retail Locations Map

Locations Reloading Connect Cards

Locations Selling Connect Cards

Locations Selling Legacy Passes

The stores listed below sell 31 Day Passes (Adult, Youth and Reduced Fare) as well as 7-Day pass.

You will see a sticker/decal on the front of the stores where the passes are sold.


Super One Foods

Help & Support

For immediate assistance, contact Customer Service at (509) 328-RIDE (7433), TTY 711.

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