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Online Access

Anyone can start a Connect account online at the website or in the app. By starting an account you can save money through fare capping, and get access to a host of rider-friendly features!

Account Benefits

Add Value Online

Fare Capping

Check Card Balance


A Connect account allows you to add value to your card conveniently online, anywhere you have an internet connection.

You can access your account at the website or on the app.

With a connect account you can  pay as you go and take advantage of fare capping.

Fare capping ensures you never overpay for how often you ride. Once you reach the cap for the day or the month, you’ve earn unlimited rides!

On a Connect account, you can easily check your balance online from the website or in the app on your phone. 


Auto-load helps you make sure there is always value on your card when you need it.

With auto-load, you can set up your account to add more value to a card once you reach your minimum balance. 

How To Create A Connect Account

On The Web

In the App

Add Payment Methods

You can save multiple payment methods in your account, including debit and credit cards. 

Add Value To Your Card

Once a payment method is added to your account, you can add value to your card so you are ready to ride. 

Youth age 18 and under 

Common Questions

  • Do I have to create a Connect account? (no but certain features will not be available)
  • How does STA use my account information?
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