Planning Continues on I-90/Valley Corridor Development

The tens of thousands of daily commuters traveling between Coeur d’Alene and Spokane have made Interstate 90, between Spokane Valley and downtown, one of the most congested corridors in eastern Washington.

As part of the STA Moving Forward plan, Spokane Transit is addressing the problem by preparing to deliver new service and infrastructure to give people better transportation options.

Throughout this process, STA has been conducting outreach activities to gain public insight and help chart the course for the I-90 corridor improvements outlined in the plan. In February and March, the project team presented a summary of the project to elected officials, the general public and other community members. Additionally, 450 respondents participated in a survey soliciting input on the corridor and priorities for the plan.

“Survey results show general support for additional transit investments in this area,” said Karl Otterstrom, STA’s Chief Planning & Development Officer. “Night and weekend service and improved frequency lead by a wide margin as the most popular improvements proposed. A majority of respondents also supported connecting bus service to Idaho.”

Based on the evaluation of various alternatives, public feedback, and a robust technical analysis, STA has drafted a corridor development plan for public review and comment. 

  • Provide feedback before June 26 by taking a survey
  • The Spokane Transit Board of Directors will hold a public hearing on June 16 at 1:30 p.m. to receive testimony on the I-90/Valley High-Performance Transit Draft Corridor Development Plan.

The design phase of the project is anticipated to begin this fall.P

Plans on Desk with Man at computer behind.

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