Paratransit Eligibility

ADA Paratransit Service Information

Paratransit is a door-to-door, wheelchair-accessible van transportation service for people who are disabled, and who, because of the effects of their disabilities, are not able to use the regular Spokane Transit bus service for some or all trips.

Paratransit is not like taxi service. Rides are shared by customers who are picked up and dropped off throughout the ride.

You can expect travel times on the van to be similar to travel times for the same trip on the regular bus. You do not need to live within the Paratransit service area to apply for Paratransit eligibility. However, Paratransit only picks up and drops off customers within a service area that is similar to the regular bus service area.

Who is eligible for Paratransit?

Paratransit can be used by persons with disabilities who complete the eligibility process and are approved for service.

During the eligibility process, an applicant must show that, because of the effects of a disability, he/she cannot get to or from a bus stop, get on or off a bus, or successfully complete a trip using a regular bus.

Eligibility determinations are based upon the bus-riding limitations caused by a disability. All of the regular buses have ramps and do not require the use of stairs. If a person uses a wheelchair, the driver will safely secure the chair.

How to apply for Paratransit

Call 328-1552 to request an application or download an application from here.

Fill out the application completely. The applicant’s medical/mental health provider must fill out the Licensed Provider Verification section of the application.

After the application is submitted, the applicant may be asked to provide additional information. The application is not complete until the applicant has provided all requested information to Spokane Transit.

STA will make the eligibility determination within 21 calendar days of receiving all the required information and written notice will be sent to the applicant. If it takes longer, and until an eligibility determination is made, STA will provide the applicant with ADA Paratransit service.

Paratransit eligibility is not permanent and will need to be renewed periodically. A renewal notice and a recertification form will be mailed to the applicant two to three months before eligibility expires.

Service Area and Hours

Paratransit service days and hours match the days and hours of the regular bus service.

Trips must begin and end within the Paratransit service area. Paratransit provides service within 3/4 mile around the regular bus routes. At no time does the service area exceed the boundary of the Spokane County Public Transportation Benefit Area (PTBA).

The Paratransit service area and the days and hours of service will change if the comparable areas or times change on the regular STA bus service. Call 328-1552 for current Paratransit service information.

Levels of Paratransit Service

There are three (3) levels of ADA Paratransit service:

  1. Temporary – in response to an event such as a stroke, broken leg, hip replacement, etc., where the condition is expected to change within a year.
  2. Conditional – for people who are able to take the regular bus some of the time and need Paratransit some of the time. This level is customized to each person’s abilities.
  3. Full, Unconditional – for people who do not have the skills to use the regular bus and need Paratransit all of the time.

PCAs and Guests

The need for a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) should be noted on the application form. A PCA rides for free when assisting the eligible customer.

Each eligible customer may bring one guest on every trip. The guest pays the current Paratransit fare. A request to bring more than one guest will be honored if there is space available on the van.

Rides for PCAs and guest(s) should be reserved when the trip is requested. PCAs and guests must get on and off at the same time and place as the eligible customer.

Can visitors use Spokane Transit Paratransit services?

Visitors may call Paratransit Eligibility at 325-6052, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., for information about using Spokane Transit’s Paratransit service. Visitors from out of town, who are certified ADA eligible by another transit provider, or provide necessary documentation of a disability, or self-certify that they have a disability that prevents them from using the regular STA buses, may use the ADA Paratransit service for up to 21 days a year. If more than 21 days of service is needed during a year, visitors must apply through the regular Spokane Transit eligibility process.

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