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Paratransit Door to Door Guidelines

Guidelines for Spokane Transit’s

Door-to-Door Paratransit Van Service

Effective September 24, 2007

Shared Ride / Shared Responsibility


Paratransit Hotline:
(509) 325-6026

TTY: Contact the Washington Relay Service at:


What is Paratransit and Door-to-Door Van Service?

Paratransit service is comparable to the STA fixed route bus service. Follow the link to find out more about the Paratransit Service Area.

Paratransit operates in a defined service area, during the same days and hours as the fixed route service for ADA-eligible customers and visitors, their companions, and their personal care attendants (PCA’s).

Spokane Transit operates Paratransit as an origin to destination, door-to-door, shared ride service.

(NOTE—at Spokane International Airport where, according to the regulations, the operator must remain with the van curbside and the customer must meet the operator at the van.)

 Spokane Transit Responsibilities

 Paratransit Customer Responsibilities

 Caregivers, Service Provider, Guardian Responsibilities

 What activities are not considered door-to-door service?

Some examples are:

 What happens if the door-to-door policy is not followed?

By establishing a pattern or practice of not following the policy, a customer risks suspension from van service. This is tracked on a rolling 12-month period.

 If you have questions, contact a Paratransit Supervisor, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

1212 W Sharp Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201
Phone: (509) 325-6026
Fax: 509-325-6030

 TTY: Contact the Washington Relay Service at


 How will I know what is an acceptable “door”?

 Some examples are:

Note: Wherever possible, van operators must keep sight of the van.

Definition of Terms

ADA-Eligible Paratransit Customer – A person who STA has qualified under the eligibility provisions of the ADA.

ADA-Eligible Visitor - A person who has been qualified for ADA paratransit service by a transit property other than STA who wishes service in the Spokane Transit Paratransit service area for less than 22 days per year.
Personal Care Attendant / PCA – A person who travels from the same origin to the same destination with the ADA-eligible customer and provides a service to the customer. A PCA does not pay a fare when accompanying the ADA customer.
Companion – A person who travels with an ADA-eligible customer and pays the same fare as the customer.
Door-to-door – Origin to destination Paratransit service from the door at the customer’s pick up location to the door at the customer’s destination.
Door/Designated Door – The common public entrance to a building, residence, or area, including going through double doors or triple doors into the common public entrance of public facilities.
Common public entrance – The appointed waiting area in a public facility. Examples of the common public entrance include a lobby, lounge, entry way, atrium, reception desk, information desk, a suite door within approximately 15 feet of the entry door.
Attendant-to-Attendant – A level of service that STA does not provide guaranteeing customers will never be left alone by the van operator. Also commonly referred to as hand-to-hand service.
Caregiver / Service provider / Guardian – A person who provides direct care for a client and who may have legal authority to make decisions for and/or may be responsible for the safety and care of the client.

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