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Mission, Priorities & Performance Measures

STA Mission Statement:

We are dedicated to providing safe, accessible, convenient, and efficient public transportation services to the Spokane region’s neighborhoods, and businesses and activity centers;

We are leaders in transportation and a valued partner in the community’s social fabric, economic infrastructure, and quality of life.

Our Vision:

We aspire to be a source of pride for the region.

STA Organizational Priorities:

1. Ensure Safety

Emphasize safety of our customers and employees in all aspects of our operations.

2. Earn and Retain the Community’s Trust

Engender trust and accountability and satisfy and exceed the expectations of citizens, customers, and employees; increase ridership; provide service that is responsive and tailored to the area’s needs.

3. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Provide consistently high-quality service to customers at every interaction with Spokane Transit; be rated by customers, the community, and employees as providing excellent customer service as measured annually in surveys.

4. Enable Organizational Development

Have a well-trained and highly productive workforce; promote healthy dialogue on important issues. Have an active and engaged Board of Directors.

5. Exemplify Financial Stewardship

Operate an efficient, cost-effective operation; maintain tight control of operational, administrative, and capital expenditures of public resources; establish reasonable, user-based revenue targets; plan for future operational and capital needs.

Performance Measures:

Each of the priorities stated above is tied to a set of objective, measureable Performance Measures. The goals/standards for each measure are set annually and approved by the Board of Directors. Our results are reported quarterly. Links to the most current quarterly report and the list of annual measures are listed below.

First Quarter 2017 Performance Measures

2017 Performance Measures

Year End 2016 Performance Measures

Third Quarter 2016 Performance Measures

Second Quarter 2016 Performance Measures

First Quarter 2016 Performance Measures

2016 Performance Measures

2015 Year End Performance Measures

Third Quarter 2015 Performance Measures - Revised

Second Quarter 2015 Performance Measures

First Quarter 2015 Performance Measures

2015 Performance Measures

2014 Year End Performance Measures

Third Quarter 2014 Performance Measures

Second Quarter 2014 Performance Measures

First Quarter 2014 Performance Measures

2014 Performance Measures

2013 Year End Performance Measures

Third Quarter 2013 Performance Measures

Second Quarter 2013 Performance Measures

First Quarter 2013 Performance Measures

2013 Performance Measures

2012 Year End Performance Measures

Third Quarter 2012 Performance Measures

Second Quarter 2012 Performance Measures

First Quarter 2012 Performance Measures

2012 Draft Performance Measures

2017 Annual Strategic Plan:

Spokane Transit's 2017 Annual Strategic Plan was adopted by the Board of Directors on December 15, 2016. To view the plan, click here.

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