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OFFICE ADDRESS:Spokane Transit1212 W. Sharp Ave.Spokane, WA 99201 MAILING ADDRESS: (for payments or form submitting)Ride ShareSpokane Transit1230 W Boone Ave.Spokane, WA 99201-9901 PHONE NUMBER:(509) 326-POOL (7665) FAX NUMBER:(509) 232-6784 EMAIL ADDRESS:[email protected]

Where can a vanpool travel?

Vanpool is specifically designed to accommodate commuters who are coming from or going to a destination outside of the Spokane Transit bus routes. This is not to say that vanpool cannot operate if buses are available. Sometimes a vanpool group needs to commute at times or in a route that is incompatible with the current …

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Who is responsible for routine maintenance of the van?

Maintenance is a joint effort between the vanpool group and Spokane Transit. The primary driver completes daily, weekly and monthly inspections and all riders should report anything unusual. Spokane Transit’s Maintenance Department performs the van’s routine preventive service every 4,000 miles and handles emergencies as they arise.

What happens when a rider is sick or on vacation?

Payment of the monthly fare reserves your seat whether you ride or not. Riders do not receive a refund for missed days. If a rider is planning a vacation, the rider can sublet the seat to a temporary rider from the vanpool waiting list.

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