Smart Cards are set to expire on July 1, 2024

In July our Smart Cards are getting phased out, and we will no longer accept them for fare payments.

If you’re still holding onto yours, we encourage you to exchange it for a Connect card.

Why Switch to the Connect card?

Make the Switch at the Plaza

Riders can exchange their old cards for a new Connect card at the Plaza, where any existing balance will be transferred over to the new card.

Please note that this exchange can only be performed at the Plaza, and any balance left on your Smart Card after the exchange period may no longer be accessible.

For riders still using a reduced fare Smart Card as an ID, you can exchange it for a standalone reduced fare card either online or at the Plaza.

We encourage you to make these changes before July 1, 2024 to continue enjoying uninterrupted service.

Contact Customer Service if you have any other questions. 

A hand is holding a green "SMART CARD" with images of various public transit vehicles, including buses and a train. The background is blurred, showing a street scene with indistinct buses and buildings.

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